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About the School

Turku School of Economics was founded in 1950 by the initiative of the local business community. Today we are part of the multidisciplinary University of Turku. We are an accredited member of the AACSB International, which is a guarantee of continuous development of excellence in education and research.


We produce high-quality intellectual contributions drawing on discipline-based and interdisciplinary scholarship, and educate responsible leaders for national and international businesses and for the Finnish public sector.


We want to be recognised for impactful research, inspiring learning experiences, a foresight mind-set, and successful collaborations with external organisations.


We value an ethical scientific approach, which supports creativity and openness. We want our staff and students to have a future-oriented mindset, and be enthusiastic about their work. "TSE is a Great Place to Think Ahead."

Values of Turku School of Economics (pdf)

Organisation of Turku School of Economics

Deans and management team

Dean Markus Granlund
Vice Dean responsible for research and doctoral training Heikki Kauppi
Vice Dean responsible for teaching and education Niina Nummela

Director of CCR Antti Saurama
Head of Faculty Development Arto Ryömä
Head of Administration Sanna Kuusjärvi
Head of Academic and Student Affairs Niina Simanainen

Council of Turku School of Economics

TSE Council consists of four professors, four representatives of other faculty and staff members and four student representatives.

Members of TSE Council (and vice-members)

Markus Granlund, chair. (Niina Nummela)
Jarna Heinonen (Hannu Salmela)
Luis Alvarez Esteban (Reijo Knuutinen)
Juuso Töyli (Elina Jaakkola)
Janne Tukiainen (Mika Kortelainen)
Katriina Siivonen (Juha Kaskinen)
Anna Karhu (Kati Suomi)
Jonna Järveläinen (Antti Fredriksson)
Sanna Ilonen (Riikka Harikkala-Laitinen)
Kalle Kahanpää (Atte Leskinen)
Otto Ilomäki (Jami Salonen)
Sofia Isolauri (Matilda Hyytiäinen)
Jenna Raurionaho (Katie Astin)

International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board brings different stakeholder groups in close cooperation with the School of Economics.

The International Advisory Board has been established to support the development of Turku School of Economics. The members represent both the academia and business life, and they all have a close connection to the School.

Members of the Board

Minna Arve, Mayor, City of Turku (alumna)
Anders Aspling, Founding Secretary-General, GRLI, Professor, Tongji University, Honorary Doctor of TSE, Chair, Sweden
Robert D. Galliers, University Distinguished Professor Emeritus, former Provost, Bentley University, USA, Honorary Doctor of TSE, Professor Emeritus and Former Dean, Warwick Business School,  U.K.
Nola Hewitt-Dundas, Professor, Queen's University Belfast, Queen's Management School, Northern Ireland, U.K.
Petri Hollmén, CEO and Founder of Lyyti Ltd. (alumnus)
Kaisa Leiwo, CEO at Turku Chamber of Commerce (alumna)
Hanna Mäkäräinen, Docent, former CEO, Diagnostic and Related Services at Turku University Hospital, (EMBA alumna)
Piet Naudé, Professor, Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch Business School, South-Africa
Maisa Romanainen, CEO, Holiday Club Plc (alumna)
Panu Routila, Board Professional, Honorary Doctor of TSE (alumnus)
Dorte Salskov-Iversen, Head of Department, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark


Turku School of Economics has four school-level permanent planning and development Committees.

  • Committee for Research and Doctoral Studies, Chair: Vice Dean responsible for research and doctoral training Heikki Kauppi
    Under TuJa Committee for Doctoral Studies, Chair Professor Mika Vaihekoski
  • Committee for Educational Development, Chair: Vice Dean responsible for teaching and education Niina Nummela
  • Committee for Corporate and Society Relations, Chair: Head of the Center for Collaborative Research (CCR) Antti Saurama
  • Alumni Committee, Chair Dean Markus Granlund

Turku School of Economics has six departments and two special units.

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Organisational chart

Responsible Teachers of Subjects

You can find the list for the responsible teachers of subjects here.

Building a successful and sustainable society
Our research is closely interrelated to the main challenges of society and business. We educate innovative and responsible experts.