Business Innovation Camp

Business Innovation Camp is a business development camp where students (elected through application process) from various backgrounds get to solve different kinds of problems that the camp's parther company faces. The camp is clearly one of the most popular customizable innovation service that TSE has to offer.

The concept:

  • The students are divided into groups after which they begin to get acquainted with the camp's partner company as well as its' business
  • The next step is at an off-campus based camp site where the students will spend two days making an assignment given by the partner company's representatives
  • The company is then given time to go through the outputs
  • The camp is officially over after the final presentation debriefing where the representatives give feedback to the groups.

In a nutshell:

  • What? Camp for business development: Business Innovation Camp
  • Benefit? New perspectives and problem solving proposals
  • What is required? Planning of the assignment, representatives for the camp and for the debriefing session
  • Price? Varies (8000 € or 11000 €)

Co-operation packages

All inclusive package - 11000 €
  • TSE is responsible for every aspect of organizing the camp. This includes for example catering, rent from camp's location as well as other expences.
Shared organizing package - 8000 €
  • The partner company shares organization responsibility with TSE. The company's responsibilities are: camp site, catering and possible transportation & their costs..