Research at the TSE Pori Unit


Research at the TSE Pori Unit combines basic scientific studies with applied project and action research. We solve problems that are relevant to organizations, fields of business and the whole society, using our theoretical and methodological capabilities to the full. We disseminate the produced knowledge not only to the international scientific community in journals, but also directly to the practice in seminars, workshops and in our teaching.


The TSE Pori Unit hosts multidisciplinary research groups (see below). In addition, the Pori unit has a project team focused on development projects led by research manager Päivikki Kuoppakangas.

Our research and development activities focus on knowledge-intensive organizations and work, marketing and management of networked business and markets, sustainable development and sustainable brand equity, entrepreneurship, and macro and regional economic research.

We cooperate with companies and organizations on various fronts in research and development projects. When your organization needs development ideas in the short or long term, feel free to contact the members of our research groups, professor Kirsi-Mari Kallio ( or research manager Päivikki Kuoppakangas (, we will be happy to cooperate.



EntreBus is a multidisciplinary research group, focusing on entrepreneurial sustainable business. The group considers entrepreneurship broadly, including also intrapreneurship, that is acting entrepreneurially in any kind of an organization.  Currently, the group’s research interests relate to the sustainability of micro-entrepreneurs’ business, entrepreneurs’ resilience, entrepreneurial marketing and entrepreneurial education, among others.


This research group focuses on expertise, knowledge-intensive organisations, and knowledge-intensive work, especially from the perspectives of creativity and motivation. The LUMO group collaborates at both national and international levels, and it contributes to the research on many central themes around knowledge-intensive work and knowledge-intensive organisations. The group is also actively searching for new possibilities for research collaboration.


The Networked Co-development research group was founded in 2017. It is a multidisciplinary group which aims to understand the development of networked business and markets from a collaborative and processual viewpoint. The disciplinary background of the members includes entrepreneurship, international business, marketing, organisation and management, and sociology. The group’s current research topics are related to innovation networks and their management, co-developed branding, business relationship dynamics, entrepreneurial learning and opportunity creation, value co-creation, and leadership in various settings.


SusBerg is a multidisciplinary research group focusing on sustainability and brand equity. Regional issues are important in SusBerg, and they are examined from the viewpoint of enterprises, society and environment. Brand equity in SusBerg is connected to regional economy and responsibility.