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Consortium Led by University of Turku Receives Nearly Three Million Euro Funding from European Commission


The Developing Inclusive & Sustainable Creative Economies (DISCE) consortium intending to reshape the economic and social perception of the cultural and creative industries (CCIs) has received a three-year funding from the prestigious Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Commission. The consortium led by the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship at Turku School of Economics includes distinguished social and economic research institutes, cultural managers and creative workers from six European countries.

Research at the TSE Pori Unit


Research at the TSE Pori Unit combines basic scientific studies with applied project and action research. We solve problems that are relevant to organizations, fields of business and the whole society, using our theoretical and methodological capabilities to the full. We disseminate the produced knowledge not only to the international scientific community in journals, but also directly to the practice in seminars, workshops and in our teaching.

IHMEC Project Exports Indoor Hygiene Expertise to Saudi Arabia


With the IHMEC project coordinated by the University of Turku, the expertise clusters of three countries in the Baltic Sea region are aiming to enter into the construction market in the Middle East.

​The delegation of the project met with the Ambassador of Finland in Saudi Arabia Antti Rytövuori (in the middle) at Riyadh on 14 October 2018.

Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality International Conference (HTHIC2017) at the University Consortium of Pori 27.–29.9.2017


The Heritage Tourism and Hospitality (HTHIC) conference invites participants to explore aspects of preservation, (re-) presentation, promotion and profit (also in the sense of value creation and benefit) relevant to the leading question “How can tourism destinations succeed in attracting tourists while simultaneously engaging all stakeholders in contributing to the preservation of natural and cultural heritage?”

Interesting Studies and Great Experiences – Erasmus Exchange at University Consortium of Pori


Natalie Koscielny and Liepa Mažulytė are Erasmus students at the University Consortium of Pori. Natalie is an MA student in Media and Communication from the University of Passau in Germany, and currently an exchange student at Turku School of Economics, and Liepa is a BA student in Entertainment Industries from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University in Lithuania, and is now studying at Tampere University of Technology.