Thesis Assignments at TSE

TSE produces about 350 bachelor's and about 350 master's theses yearly. The students are given quite carte blanche about the subject and in some cases a student may want to choose to do their thesis around a real life problem given to them by a company. In these cases the main objective is of course to help the company to solve the problem in hand (academic requirements must be met.) Bachelor's thesis is about the possibility to get a comprehensive report about the literature of a certain phenomenon where as Master's thesis can be brought near concreteness by having clear business proposals.

  • What? Bachelor's or Master's thesis assignment
  • Benefit? Possibility to get research knowledge or/and to solve business problems
  • What is required? Open dialogue with the student during the whole process
  • Price? Negotiated with the student in question. (Recommendations of The Finnish Business School Graduates)