Latvian Ambassador and Lithuanian Vice-Minister Visited the KV23 Business in the Baltic Sea Region Course


During the KV23 Business in the Baltic Sea Region course, the students have been provided with a comprehensive picture of the macroeconomic situation and the business developments in the Baltic Sea region. 

There have been several visiting lecturers, from different professional backgrounds, who have lectured about their specific areas of expertise dealing with the economic situation of the Baltic Sea region. The course has been organised by Professor Kari Liuhto, Director of the Pan-European Institute.  

Latvian suurlähettiläs Dace Treija-Masī.

Latvian Ambassador to Finland, Dace Treija-Masī, gave a lecture on the topic of Latvia’s economic tendencies and Latvian-Finnish economic cooperation. 

“Latvia has made wise economic decisions which are fit for the current challenges and guarantee flexibility to our country’s economy. This can be seen in the ways the administration and banking systems have been set up. We’re at the core of Europe and we have close cooperation with the EU, the Baltic states, and the Nordic countries. Latvia is also an excellent place to work and study when it comes to business and technology sectors.” 

Liettuan talous- ja innovaatioministeriön varaministeri Karolis Žemaitis.

Lithuanian Vice-Minister of the Economy and Innovation, Karolis Žemaitis, had named his lecture: A Gift that Keeps on Giving – Lithuania’s Competitiveness in the Global Turbulence.  

Vice-Minister Žemaitis recognised the latest challenges to the country’s economy which included the COVID-19 pandemic, the Belarusian hybrid warfare, and the Russo-Ukrainian War. According to Vice-Minister Žemaitis, these challenges have functioned as a stress test for Lithuania’s economy. Despite this, Lithuania’s economy has been able to resist these external factors and survived respectively well throughout the current turmoil. Lithuania has also been a forerunner when it comes to digitalisation and technological advancements, this has been done by focusing and reforming the education system. 

"The first priority of a finance minister is education." 


The Pan-European Institute started a tradition in 2003 that all the visiting lecturers will be awarded a presentation award after their lectures. Vice-Minister Žemaitis was the 500th person to receive this acknowledgement.   

Created 09.05.2023 | Updated 09.05.2023