Research presentation in 3 minutes – vote for your favourite in the 3MT competition


Ten doctoral researchers compete in the Three minute thesis finals as they present their research as interestingly as possible in just three minutes. The competition is held in entrance hall at the main building of the University of Turku on March 6 at 12.00–14.00, and the event is open for the public.

In the Three minute thesis competition, doctoral researchers compete by presenting their research topic and its significance within three minutes. The presentations are held in English. The event will be hosted by the year 2022 3MT winner, Postdoctoral Researcher Mahdi Moghaddam.

Doctoral researchers competing in the final are:

  • Marco Balducci – Doctoral Programme on Inequalities, Interventions and New Welfare State: "The Gender Equality Paradox: Unveiling the Mystery of Academic Superpowers"
  • Iman Farahani – Turku Doctoral Programme of Molecular Medicine: "Cracking the Cancer Resilience Codes"
  • Mikko Haavisto – Doctoral Programme on Learning, Teaching and Learning Environments Research: "When words fail, videos speak: Revolutionizing learning for struggling readers"
  • Michal Hubacek – The Doctoral Programme in Technology: "The Fate of the Electrons: from Sunlight to Bio-Product"
  • Besmir Hyseni – Turku Doctoral Programme of Molecular Medicine: "Boosting “Pac-Mac”: Game-Changer for Heart Health"
  • Saara Koskela – Turku Doctoral Programme of Molecular Medicine: "Immunity and Innovation: A New Hope in Cancer Treatment"
  • Laura Laihonen – The Doctoral Programme in Technology: "How plants adapt to ever-changing environment?​"
  • Bahar Mostafiz – The Doctoral Programme in Technology: "Micro Innovations, Macro Wellness: Transforming Mental Health Care"
  • Teppo Reinikainen – Doctoral programme in History, Culture and Arts Studies: "The Experienced Representations of Disability in Metal Music and Culture"
  • Nicko Widjaja – Turku Doctoral Programme of Molecular Medicine: "Fatty Bone Investigation: Sweet bones are made of this"

The winner will be selected by the final jury, which includes Vice Rector Piia Björn, Director of the Centre for Language and Communication Studies Michael Nelson and Professor of Pharmaseutical Chemistry Juha-Pekka Salminen. The audience also gets to choose their favorite. The two best placed and the finals people’s chose winner will receive travel grants.

The winner will represent the University of Turku in Coimbra Group's international 3MT competition. The Coimbra Group is a network of highly regarded European multidisciplinary universities committed to creating special academic and cultural ties between universities. There are 39 member universities in the network.

The jury also selects a representative for the international 3MT competition of the SANORD network. Southern African-Nordic Centre (SANORD) aims at creating possibilities for cooperation and advancing mutual interests between the Nordic and the southern African regions.

Three minute thesis is an academic competition developed by the Queensland University in Australia.

Created 15.02.2024 | Updated 19.02.2024