University of Turku 342nd in Best Global Universities Rankings


The ranking published by the U.S. News & World Report lists the best universities in the world. The University of Turku shared the 342nd place in the global ranking. Among the Finnish universities, the University was third best and, among European universities, it tied for the 142nd place. 

The Best Global Universities 2022–2023 ranked universities from over 90 countries based on 13 different indicators. The ranking evaluates universities based on their research activities and global and regional reputation. The purpose is to offer students a way to compare universities in different countries.  

“Our ranking shows the high quality of our research and the impact of scientific publications. We are an excellent and comprehensive University and the high standard of our research shows extensively in the ranking: we were placed altogether in 19 different subject rankings,” says Research Specialist Pirkko Mäenpää who follows the University's placement in university rankings.  

The placement of the University of Turku in the subject rankings

University of Turku Subject Rankings 

  • #232 in Arts and Humanities (tie) 
  • #257 in Biology and Biochemistry 
  • #150 in Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems 
  • #212 in Clinical Medicine (tie) 
  • #458 in Computer Science (tie) 
  • #68 in Endocrinology and Metabolism (tie) 
  • #317 in Environment/Ecology (tie) 
  • #219 in Immunology (tie) 
  • #188 in Molecular Biology and Genetics (tie) 
  • #329 in Neuroscience and Behavior 
  • #335 in Oncology  
  • #705 in Physics (tie) 
  • #233 in Plant and Animal Science (tie) 
  • #155 in Psychiatry/Psychology (tie) 
  • #190 in Public, Environmental and Occupational Health 
  • #190 in Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Medical Imaging 
  • #199 in Social Sciences and Public Health 
  • #157 in Space Science (tie) 
  • #191 in Surgery (tie) 
Created 31.10.2022 | Updated 31.10.2022