University of Turku Has Defined Its Cultural Relationship


The University of Turku has been and still is an influential cultural actor. The University has published a Cultural Policy statement which defines the University’s relationship towards culture.

The aim of the Cultural Policy statement of the University of Turku has been to strengthen the position and status of the University of Turku in the field of culture.

Vice Rector responsible for education Piia Björn and Professor of Cultural History Hannu Salmi, who prepared the Cultural Policy, explain that the statement will on its part help guide the efforts in strengthening the role of culture within the University community.

“The Cultural Policy helps describe the University’s view of its cultural role for the community and stakeholders. It offers a foundation for creative ideas and new collaboration initiatives. The impact and success of the Policy will hopefully provide many benefits, such as an increasingly diverse University community, the sharing of creative ideas and initiatives, more academic outputs and jobs, as well as learning and well-being,” say Björn and Salmi.

The University community has been offered an opportunity to comment on the Cultural Policy, and Rector of the University of Turku Jukka Kola has ratified the statement.

The University of Turku actively participates in the Culture Campus Turku collaboration together with the higher education institutions of the region, the City of Turku, and Turku Science Park. The collaboration aims at increasing the attraction of the cultural field, strengthening the research and artistic activities, and supporting the development of the Turku region as a vibrant, internationally recognised, and diverse cultural hub. Vice Rector Björn acts as the Chairperson of the network’s management group and Professor Salmi as a member of the management group.

Created 04.11.2022 | Updated 04.11.2022