University of Turku Participated in the Year of Research-Based Knowledge through a Variety of Actions


The University of Turku participated in the national Year of Research-Based Knowledge by e.g. having researchers solve problems inside a glass cube in the Science Battle event and encouraging children to get excited about science in the Tiedetestaajat science project for elementary school children.

The University of Turku participated in the Year of Research-Based Knowledge 2021 through several events and actions, part of them introduced below. The Year of Research-Based Knowledge was a joint initiative organised by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Academy of Finland and the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies, and participated by a variety of different organisations.

Kuusi henkilöä kuution sisällä ratkomassa ongelmia Science Battle -kilpailussa.

The Science Battle event organised on the European Researchers’ Night on 24 September 2021 was held for the first time as an international competition between three universities belonging to the European Campus of City-Universities alliance (EC2U). In addition to the University of Turku, the competition was participated by the University of Pavia in Italy and University of Poitiers in France. In the Battle, researchers solved problems sent by the audience, and the competition was won by the University of Pavia. In the photo, the team of the University of Turku, which consisted of Kimmo Elo, Aki Koponen, Teija Koskela, Johanna Latva, Emilia Peuhu, and Veli-Matti Vesterinen.

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Aurora-lehden kansi.

The Aurora magazine of the University of Turku also participated in the Year of Research-Based Knowledge. Two issues of the magazine were published over the year. The main article of the autumn issue (in the photo) dealt with the InFlames Flagship’s top research in drug development and diagnostics. In the main article of the spring issue, eight researchers from different disciplines explained what kind of challenges of the near future they were aiming to tackle with their research.

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Kolme oppilasta istuu pöydän ääressä ja käyttää mikroskooppia.

The Tiedetestaajat science project for children organised science-themed workshops for sixth-graders in March and April, and a closing event in May. The workshops and the event were organised as virtual events due to the coronavirus situation. The students had a chance to e.g. plan a study of their own using an eye-movement camera, search for constellations in the sky, and consider about how different emotions have been depicted before and nowadays. The questionnaires conducted during the project showed that the students’ attitudes towards science had become more positive over the course of the project. In the photo, students from Kurittula elementary school are participating in a workshop.

Kuvakaappaus esityksestä, jonka otsikko on "Oletko valmis tiedeviestintään sosiaalisessa mediassa?"

The Elävää tiedettä science communications course for the doctoral candidates of the University of Turku created an overview of the different areas of science communications. Organised in autumn 2021, the course included speeches by communications experts and experienced popularisers of science on their views on science communications. One of the speakers of the course was Doctoral Candidate Säde Stenlund (in the photo), who talked about her own experiences with science communications in social media.

Neljä henkilöä seisoo studiossa, jossa on punaiset seinät.

The INVEST Flagship, a joint initiative of the University of Turku and the Institute for Health and Welfare THL, organised a discussion panel in the SuomiAreena event on 14 July 2021 on the challenges of preventing school bullying and on serious school bullying incidents. The subject was discussed by Professor of Psychology Christina Salmivalli from the University of Turku, Director of Assisting Phone and Internet Services of the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare Tatjana Pajamäki, writer Antti Rönkä, and Senior Researcher at the Institute for Health and Welfare THL Piia Karjalainen. (Photo: Salmivalli, Karjalainen, the host of the event Kirsi Alm-Siira, and Pajamäki.)

Neljä henkilöä keskustelemassa etäyhteydellä, kukin omassa tilassaan.

Tiedelinja is a discussion programme of the researchers of the University of Turku, and it can be watched as a video or listened as a podcast. On the Year of Research-Based Knowledge, the programme included discussions on the space, the academic roots of Turku, professional life, catastrophes, cancer treatment, and appearance. In the photo, University Teacher Sami Jouttijärvi, Professor of Psychology Paula Salo, Project Researcher of the Finland Futures Research Centre Joni Karjalainen, and Communications Officer Erja Hyytiäinen discuss about new energy solutions.


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