18 applied for position of Rector of University of Turku


At the beginning of 2024, the University Board of the University of Turku will select the Rector for the five-year term starting on 1 August 2024. 

The term of office of the University’s current Rector Jukka Kola will end by the end of July 2024. The University published the call for applications for the position of the Rector on 29 August. By the closing of the application period on 25 September, the University received applications from the following applicants:  

  • PhD, Vice Rector Piia Björn, University of Turku
  • PhD, Professor Marko Hakovirta, North Carolina State University
  • Dsc (Tech), Vice Rector Mika Hannula, University of Turku
  • BBA, Administration Head Ali Jabbar, GPS School System
  • PhD, Professor Jaakko Järvi, University of Turku
  • PhD, Vice Rector Marjo Kaartinen, Uniarts Helsinki
  • EdD, Professor Eila Lindfors, University of Turku
  • MSc, Sr. Officer Vipul M. Patel, Concord Biotech Limited
  • PhD, Professor Maija S. Peltola, University of Turku
  • PhD, CEO Esko Salojärvi, Kemisteri Oy
  • PhD, Assistant Professor Bam Bahadur Sinha, Indian Institute of Information Technology
  • PhD, Vice Rector Kalle-Antti Suominen, University of Turku
  • PhD, Professor Michael Szurawitzki, Beijing Institute of Technology
  • PhD, Professor Saara Taalas, Linnaeus University
  • MD, Director General Markku Tervahauta, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare
  • DDSc, Pekka Vallittu, University of Turku
  • MSc, Assistant Professor Samina Yasmeen, PAK-Institute of Health Sciences Islamabad.

One of the applicants does not wish to publish their name.

The Rector's duty is to lead the University according to its values and Strategy. To be appointed as the Rector, the applicant is required to hold a doctoral degree and have the competence required for discharging the duties, as well as having proven leadership skills.

The Board launched the recruitment process for a Rector by organising hearing and discussion events for the Faculty Councils, management of the independent units, and the Student Union of the University of Turku during August. In the autumn term, members of the University community can participate in the selection process, for example, in the event organised for the community and by submitting questions for the interviewees.

The goal is that the University Board will make the decision regarding the Rector in January or in February 2024 the latest. The five-year term of office of the Rector starts on 1 August 2024.


Updated on 9 November 2023 at 9:23: The title of Dean added for Jaakko Järvi.

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