Doctoral Programme in Technology - Admission Criteria and Instructions for Applicants

Applications for the right to pursue doctoral studies in DPT doctoral programme are processed two times a year, once in the autumn and once in the spring. In the autumn call, in addition to a right to study, you can also apply for a fixed-term funded doctoral researcher position under an employment contract.

The next call for applications is open 28 August - 15 September 2023.

Please read the call for applications and the "How to apply" guide carefully prior to applying. A link to the electronic application will be found by clicking the purple "Apply here" box below.

Before applying
  • Make sure you are eligible to apply for a study right in the Faculty of Technology or at Turku School of Economics (Information Systems Science as major subject)
  • Read the call for applications and the "How to apply" guide.
  • When applying for a study right in the Faculty of Technology, an applicant has to agree with supervisors and a research director about supervision and research plan before the application can be made. This means that you must contact potential supervisors and make a supervision plan and a research plan in collaboration with them.
    • According to the Rector’s decision each doctoral researcher must have at least two supervisors. One supervisor acts as the main supervisor or UGIS supervisor. The Faculty may appoint only one supervisor for a doctoral researcher based on application and for a valid reason. A supervisor must have completed a doctoral degree, and at least one of a doctoral researcher’s supervisors must be a professor (professor, associate professor or assistant professor) or an adjunct professor. In the Faculty of Technology, one of the doctoral researcher’s supervisors has to be employed by the University of Turku or be docent (adjunct professor) of the University of Turku.

  • Application attachments: Prepare all the required application attachments according to the call for applications.
  • Funding plan: Prepare a funding plan as a right to study does not include funding or scholarship from the University. In the September call, in addition to a right to study, you can also apply for a fixed-term doctoral researcher position under an employment contract. 
  • Degree certificates: Prepare your original degree certificates, original transcripts of study records and other original educational documents for the application. If needed, obtain officially certified copies with English translation.
  • Proof of language requirements: If you need to verify your language skills with a language test, make sure that you book your test time well in advance. Instructions for language requirements for right to study for a doctoral degree and when is a language test not required.
When applying
  • Read the Call for applications and the "How to apply" guide (below under "Applications documents and guidelines") carefully before filling in the electronic application.
  • Especially if you are applying for a funded position in the autumn call, please read the "How to apply" guide carefully to see how to answer the application questions correctly.
  • Make sure you have attached all the required attachments (see the call for applications)
  • Ask your supervisor to send a supervisor statement to
Application documents


To be updated



Verifying language proficiency

The University of Turku follows the Rector’s decision (15 Aug 2019) on the means of verifying their language proficiency.

Please check the language requirements and whether you will need to provide a proof of language proficiency from the University’s graduate school website.

Please note! If the applicant is required to prove their language proficiency with a language test, a scanned certificate of a completed language test must be attached to the application.

After you have applied

Prepare to deliver your original or originally certified degree certificates to the University of Turku if you are granted the right to study a doctoral degree.

Instructions on delivering certificates and country-specific requirements on the Information for admitted students page.

Applications documents and guidelines

For all DPT applicants:

For the DPT applicants applying for a study right in the Faculty of Technology (mandatory):

For the DPT applicants applying for a study right at Turku School of Economics (Information Systems Science as major subject):

The selection criteria for postgraduate studies at Turku School of Economics are used in the selection for applications to the right to pursue a doctoral degree in Information Systems Science. See the selection criteria, including requirements for the research plan.

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    DPT Director:
    Professor Eevi Rintamäki

    DPT Coordinator:
    Coordinator Nina Lehtimäki