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Research Presentation in 3 Minutes – Vote for Your Favourite in the Virtual 3MT Competition


Three minutes to present the main points of your research as compellingly as possible. The 3MT competition developed at the University of Queensland challenges 10 doctoral candidates from the University of Turku to show what they got. Join the virtual event via Zoom on Wednesday 17 March at 12.00–14.00 and vote for your favourite presenter.

Doctoral Programme in Physical and Chemical Sciences


Doctoral candidates who are pursuing their doctoral degrees in PCS Doctoral Programme are transferred to Doctoral Programme in Exact Sciences (EXACTUS) OR to Doctoral Programme in Technology (DPT) on 1 January 2022. Please see below, which research fields will be transferred to EXACTUS and which will be transferred to DPT.

The call for applications for a right to study a doctoral degree and / or a funded doctoral candidate position is open on 30 August - 17 September 2021 in EXACTUS and DPT Doctoral Programmes.