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Dining Flow project reduces food waste and enhances diners’ experience in self-service restaurants


A consortium led by the University of Turku has received two million euros in funding from Business Finland for the Dining Flow project, aiming to enhance diners’ and service providers’ experiences and to increase sustainability in self-service restaurants by reducing waste. The project is a part of KONE’s The Flow of Urban Life program within the Veturi initiative.

Research Gives Resources for Climate-Friendly Food Choices


The University of Turku participated in the Climate Leadership Coalition’s (CLC) Zero Emissions Day campaign by emphasising the significance of food choices and food waste. The climate positive culture is visible on campus, for example, as high quality food research that offers support and new possibilities for making climate-friendly food choices. These themes were featured during the week of the Zero Emissions Day on 21–25 September as the University’s researchers set out on Twitter to discuss intriguing perspectives related to food.