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Strengthening the capacity of cultural and creative actors in Rauma – welcome to a seminar in 31 October – 2 November 2023


The University of Turku organizes an interactive cooperation seminar “How can artists and creatives be more entrepreneurial and innovative in non-urban areas?” for cultural and creative actors at the Rauma Maritime Museum in 31 October – 2 November 2023. The event is designed to assist the capacity-building and foster entrepreneurial social and business models and innovations in non-urban areas.

Department of Landscape Studies

Landscape Studies examines the built environment and natural and cultural landscape as materiality, experience and representation. 

Collaboration at the Department of Landscape Studies

The disciplines close to Landscape Studies are art and architectural history, environmental history, archaeology and human geography. Urban studies, tourism studies, environmental aesthetics and education are also linked to the subject. 

Research at the Department of Landscape Studies

Landscape Studies researches places, landscape and their change from a cultural point of view, combining a humanistic approach with the theory and methods of other disciplines focused on studying the environment. The methods may entail interviews, Public Participation GIS, historical study, visual analysis or participatory observation.

Studying at the Department of Landscape Studies

Landscape Studies provides expertise in the interfaces between culture, nature and heritage conservation, land use planning and urban and rural development. The graduates find employment in the fields of research, environmental administration, urban planning, museum sector, environmental education and tourism.