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Maritime@TSE event: Maritime green growth – Evaluating opportunities & bottlenecks

Maritime@TSE research platform at Turku School of Economics is continuing to host industry-academia events on 28th Feb. The theme for the event is maritime green growth and how to evaluate related opportunities and bottlenecks. The aim is to combine perspectives, for example, from economics discipline with industry insights, to identify areas that could be further developed in managing maritime decarbonization.

Turku School of Economics is developing transport solutions speeding up the green transition


Turku School of Economics (TSE) at the University of Turku has launched a two-year research project aimed at developing green transportation concepts to support the green transition. In the GreenConnect project, potential emission reduction measures in door-to-door transports, including maritime transportation, are examined, carbon dioxide emission calculation models and accuracy are improved, and business potential for green competitive advantage is investigated.

Investments in business research through Maritime@TSE platform meets the future needs of the maritime sector


Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku is investing increasingly and more systematically in business research building further understanding of the maritime sector’s change dynamics and producing knowledge to support companies' business strategies. From this autumn, Turku School of Economics will strengthen the field through the Maritime@TSE research platform.

Smart Port City project - to enhance the digital integration of smart city and smart port


The project Smart Port City considers the upcoming spatial changes at the Port of Turku as catalyst for comprehensive development of digital integration of city-port infrastructure. The research carried out by the Centre for Collaborative Research (CCR) at the Turku School of Economics focuses specifically on urban development scope of the project. The project is funded by the Turku Urban Research Programme (01.2023-12.2024) and is coordinated by the Laboratory of Industrial Management at Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU).

Maritime Economic Development

For the Finnish national economy maritime sector is essential via two ways: i) by enabling the transportation of goods for exporting and importing industries and their needs nationally and ii) provision of equipment and technology to global maritime market. Due to statistics standards information on economic acitivity and added value generated by maritime sector is fragmented. TSE research supports to understand what is the impact of maritime sector and it’s business overall. Also regional development aspects and different impact analysis of clusters and subclusters is researched at TSE

Maritime Safety and Security @TSE

For maritime transportation, safety and security are critical necessities globally and also domestic waters with special requirements related to for example narrow fairways and winter conditions. Aiming for high safety culture, continues improvement and preparedness need to be supported. TSE contributes in research that supports to authorities’ collaboration, security of supply or cybersecurity. TSE staff is regularly involved in e.g. commenting and analysing to different regulation or policy proposals.