Investments in business research through Maritime@TSE platform meets the future needs of the maritime sector


Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku is investing increasingly and more systematically in business research building further understanding of the maritime sector’s change dynamics and producing knowledge to support companies' business strategies. From this autumn, Turku School of Economics will strengthen the field through the Maritime@TSE research platform.

The maritime sector is both a significant export market for Finland and an enabler of economic activity through freight transport. The global business environment of the maritime sector consistently contains various uncertainties. In addition to geopolitical aspects, for example the introduction of alternative fuels, increased automation, new regulations and reporting requirements will bring about significant changes in the coming years. Many actors in Finland have the opportunity to influence and steer the implementation of these changes.

In the coming years, the combination of TSE’s own basic funding, donations and external funding for projects will lift the business research efforts linked to the maritime sector to around €2 million per year.

"Turku School of Economics is one of the most multidisciplinary knowledge hub in Finland when it comes to business development in the maritime sector. We are committed to providing strong and versatile expertise in the field. We believe maritime business to be a significant business area for Finland in the long-term, driving exports and innovations," says Antti Saurama, Director of research collaboration at TSE.

Cargotec Corporation, Fintraffic Vessel Traffic Services Ltd, Kongsberg Maritime Finland Ltd, Port of Naantali Ltd and Port of Turku Ltd have already joined the business community supporting the research platform through donations. The community is continuously open to new members. The companies form an advisory board for the research platform to exchange information and views with TSE scholars on current phenomena affecting the business environment and latest research findings.

"I warmly thank the donors for supporting business research. The sector's active project portfolio enables continuity and collaborative development, which is essential for topics related to business and organisations," said Markus Granlund, Dean of Turku School of Economics.

TSE is also using the research platform to support new doctoral dissertations related to the maritime sector. Activities of the platform will also include researcher mobility and arranging events to further the interaction between companies and researchers.

On Wednesday the 30th of August 2023, the research platform organises the Maritime@TSE event "What shipping customers value and anticipate next" at TSE, open to all interested parties.

"Major changes such as the green transition and digitalization require significant collaboration between different value networks and their components. We see a role for business research in providing knowledge to help manage such grand challenges. This is also reflected in the event’s program aiming to broaden understanding of the various drivers relevant to business," says Jouni Saarni, Development Manager coordinating the Maritime@TSE research platform.

Created 22.08.2023 | Updated 16.10.2023