International Courses

We arrange three different learning modules every year in English that are targeted for Master and PhD students in Nursing and Health Sciences and Advanced Practise Nurses.

Empowering learning environments in nursing education Intensive Programme (EleneIP) (10 ECTS)

EleneIP 2021

EleneIP 2021 brochure.

Registration is open 1 May - 15 September 2021.

See EleneIP in Study Guide.


Professor Leena Salminen

Empowering Patient Education (EPE) (25 ECTS)

EPE 2021

EPE 2021 brochure.*
Next course in Sep - Dec 2021
Registration deadline: 15 Aug 2021 via Webropol

See EPE in Study Guide.


Professor Helena Leino-Kilpi

Coordinator Heli Virtanen

Clinical Instruments for Evaluating Health - Development, Evaluation and Implementation (CIDI) (25 ECTS)

CIDI 2022

CIDI 2022 brochure

See CIDI in Study Guide (See courses under Faculty of Medicine)

CIDI 2022

  • Module I January 3rd - January 11th 2022
    • Contact teaching in Turku January 10th-11th 
    • Independent reading January 3rd-9th
  • Module II January 12th - February 28th 2022
    • Contact teaching in Turku January 12th-14th 
    • Independent working                                                                                                                                           
  • Module III March 1st - May 6th 2022
    • Asynchronized online lectures and written assignments March 1st -27th  
    • Independent working and reading March 28th - May 4th
    • Online seminars May 5th- 6th

Application deadline is December 3rd 2021. Apply now.


Professor Riitta Suhonen

University lecturer, docent Minna Stolt

Coordinator Heli Virtanen