Turku Collegium for Science and Medicine Is Hiring Talented Postdoctoral Researchers


The Turku Collegium for Science and Medicine invites applications for a maximum of five fixed term postdoctoral researcher positions. The post doc positions offer a base for multidisciplinary research in an international and interdisciplinary environment, where the researchers form a tight community and receive peer-support from their colleagues. 

There are two multidisciplinary research collegia at the University of Turku: Turku Institute for Advanced Studies (TIAS) and Turku Collegium for Science and Medicine (TCSM). The aim of the collegia is to promote high quality research and support the career development of young researchers aiming for independent careers.

– We will continue to invest in supporting professional research careers and improving the quality of research, says the Chair of the TCSM Board, Academician Sirpa Jalkanen.

The Turku Collegium for Science and Medicine provides a multidisciplinary and interactive research community for early career researchers and post docs. Researchers span all fields of science, medicine and technology; e.g. astronomy, biology, biochemistry, biomedicine, biotechnology, chemistry, clinical medicine, computer science, dentistry, future technologies, geology, geography, information technology, materials science and engineering, mathematics, mechanical engineering, nursing science, physics, and statistics. 

The Collegium, established in 2008, now has a maximum of five three-year postdoctoral positions open. To date, a total of 20 postdoctoral researchers and 35 Senior Research Fellows have been recruited to the Collegium.

In the selection process of the postdoctoral researchers, attention is paid to the applicant’s international research experience as well as achieved attainments.

– We hope to recruit gifted and enthusiastic postdoctoral researchers, says Jalkanen.

A successful candidate should also have a connection to research conducted at the University of Turku. Candidates must be able to join an existing research group, or to work under the supervision of a senior researcher at the University of Turku. 

The call for applications is open until 11 January 2021. Successful applicants begin their employment on 1.8.2021 at the earliest, 1.1.2022 at the latest.

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Created 09.11.2020 | Updated 09.11.2020