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ECOPRODIGI webinar: "Harnessing Digitalisation for the Benefit of Maritime Industry" 2.12.2020


The event focuses especially on the benefits digital tools and solutions can offer for industry end-users. Findings from ECOPRODIGI’s industry cases on digital performance monitoring, optimisation of cargo stowage and shipyard processes will be presented as concrete examples of how digital technologies can be utilised and what kind of advantages they can provide e.g. in terms of:

ECOPRODIGI online event: “The European Green Deal: Setting the Course for Sustainable Maritime Industry" 13.11.2020


To learn more about the European Green Deal’s implications for maritime industry and to discuss how digital tools and solutions can help to reach the ambitious targets set for the industry, ECOPRODIGI project invites interested stakeholders to take part in the European Green Deal: Setting the Course for Sustainable Maritime Industry webinar organised online on Friday, the 13th of November 2020.

Successful Innovation Collaboration of University of Turku and Singapore Maritime Institute Continued


The University of Turku and the Singapore Maritime Institute collaborated for the second time in organising the Finland–Singapore Maritime Innovation Camp. The winning team was announced on the final day of the camp held in Singapore on 11–16 January 2020. The camp was organised in collaboration with the business partners Jurong Port, MacGregor, and The China Navigation Company.