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Turku University Library Annual Report 2023

On this page, you can read more about the 2023 highlights of the Turku University Library and find figures and statistics on the Library's operations.

Turku University Library is one of the largest academic libraries in Finland. We support the research, teaching, and studying of the multidisciplinary scientific community. We promote the University's strategic research and education profiles. The Library has had the legal deposit right to Finnish printed material since 1919. Our collection of national cultural material is the second largest in Finland.

In 2023

We introduced an electronic library card in the Tuudo mobile app. 
The number of visits to the Library units was more than 36% higher than in the previous year.

Together with other operators of the University, we improved the availability of research materials by facilitating the process of acquiring information resources for the University’s departments.

In collaboration with researchers, we created St. Bridget of Sweden's commemorative exhibition online and in the Feeniks Library.

We developed the library facilities: the new Arcanum Library for History, Culture and Arts Studies was opened in March, and the materials from the Quantum Library were transferred to the Teutori Library, where the renovated study and collection facilities were opened in the spring. Based on the students' wishes, we opened a study room at the Educarium Library for 24/7 use. 

We published an AI guide on the responsible use of AI to support academic learning and research. We presented, for example, ephemera material and the development of library facilities at national events.

We celebrated first decades! We have been providing publication information management services to the University community already for 10 years, and our extensive Newspaper and Ephemera Services have been based in Raisio for 10 years. 

Key figures 2023
1,100 visitors per day
204,000 loans and renewals
12 million uses of e-resources
434 hours of training

606 articles opened with Library agreements

6,293 publications reported to the Ministry of Education and Culture,
of which 73% openly available
Additions to the Library’s collections
46,000 book titles
31,000 ephemera items
16,000 new records to Volter
255 metres of printed national cultural material