MLTL - discipline group for three faculties

The Library is grouped into four groups, in which discipline-specific experts provide library services for their respective disciplines. The activities of a discipline group are presented using the example of the MLTL discipline group, which provides services to the Faculties of Science, Technology and Medicine. 

Library’s new organisation model in practice

The discipline group providing services to the Faculties of Science, Technology and Medicine is called MLTL for short according to the Finnish names of the disciplines. The discipline group is made up of five library experts who work to promote research and learning in these three disciplines. The group is led by Head of Library Services Heli Kokkinen.

The group is responsible for a number of services:

  • selection and evaluation of resources for the disciplines
  • training for faculties (information management, reference management, data management, open science, metrics)
  • answering questions about research data and, among other things, commenting on the data management plans of the Research Council of Finland
  • advice on open access publishing, including article processing charge (APC) discounts
  • adding parallel publications to the UTUCris Research Information System and participating in the import of publications
  • advice on publication-based evaluations and responsible metrics
  • advice on information retrieval
  • customer service at Teutori Library.

In spring 2023, in addition to other projects, the Quantum Library resources were relocated to the Teutori Library, after which all the materials of the discipline group were located in the same library unit.

The new Teutori Library was opened in April and in the autumn an escape game was organised for new students to introduce them to the Library. In it, students had to use the periodical table and their wits to find a reserved book, group work spaces, and other library services. A more detailed description of the escape game is available on Zenodo.

Year in numbers

Looking at the past year from the perspective of the discipline group, we can observe the following figures:

  • around 3,000 students have participated in courses organised by the discipline group (online courses, contact teaching or distance learning)
  • around 290 students participated in 39 Teutori escape games
  • responded to around 600 requests received through the ticket system
  • commented on 38 data management plans
  • contributed to the writing of three articles
  • 64m of books and 162m of periodicals removed, of which 13m of books and 10m of periodicals sent to the National Repository Library
  • €1,827,513 spent on resources
  • Teutori Library customers have solved 15 puzzles.