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UTUPEDA – Centre for University Pedagogy and Research

UTUPEDA Centre for University Pedagogy and Research operates in the University of Turku. The Centre conducts multidisciplinary research and develops and offers university pedagogical education based on scientific research.

The Centre offers university pedagogical education in Finnish and English as well as expert services for the research, development, and quality control of teaching and learning in the whole University.

The Head of the Centre, Professor of Higher Education Pedagogy, is responsible for leading and developing multidisciplinary university pedagogical research as well as expert services offered based on the research.

UTUPEDA steering group

Piia Björn (Vice Rector), chair
Mari Murtonen (Professor), draftsman
Hanna Nori (University Researcher), secretary
Anni Paalumäki (University Lecturer, TSE)
Taina Syrjämaa (Vice Dean, UTUGS, Faculty of Humanities)
Janne Salminen (Vice Dean, Faculty of Law)
Petriina Paturi (Vice Dean, Faculty of Science)
Sanna Salanterä (Vice Dean, Faculty of Medicine)
Kati Renvall (University Lecturer, Faculty of Social Sciences)
Sari Stenvall-Virtanen (Education Manager, Faculty of Technology)
Jukka Husu (Dean, Faculty of Education)
Sofia Saarinen (Student Union of the University of Turku)
Minna Vuorio-Lehti (Head of Educational Development, Educational Support Services)