THE World University Rankings by Subject 2022 Have Been Released


The annual Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings by Subject 2022 publishes a ranking of the world's finest institutions in eleven subjects. The rating in 2022 analyzes 1,662 universities from 99 countries and regions, making it the most comprehensive and diversified university ranking ever.

THE World University Rankings by Subject 2022 have been issued, following the previously released THE World University Rankings 2022, in which the University of Turku was rated among the top 400 universities in the world. The first rankings were announced on September 16th, and they were for health and scientific subjects - Clinical & Health, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Psychology. On the 6th of October, the Engineering and Computer Science rankings were released. Soon after, the rankings for Social Sciences, Business and Economics, Education, and Law were released on October 13th. Finally, on November 3rd, the Arts and Humanities rankings were announced.

Compared to previous year's results, the University of Turku has improved its place in Psychology by around 50-75 spots (currently rated 151-175th). Additionally, the University of Turku has experienced a deterioration of around 50-100 positions in the subject of Life Sciences (now ranked 301-400th). The rankings of Clinical & Health (301-400th) as well as Physical Sciences (501-600th) have maintained their positions.

Just like last year, the University of Turku continues to do important research in Computer Science, maintaining its overall ranking of 251-300th. The subject of Engineering, however, is not listed mainly due to lack of teaching offered in this field in the past.

Another significant achievement for the University of Turku is its ranking in Social Sciences (currently 201-250th), which represents a 50-position improvement over the previous year. While the rating of Business and Economics has stayed same from previous year (301-400th), the ranking of Education has dropped by roughly 25-50 places (now ranked 201-250th). In addition, the University of Turku is not included in any Law rankings. The University of Helsinki is the only Finnish university to have been in the Law rankings list in the last five years.

Furthermore, for the previous three years, the University of Turku has maintained its position in the field of Arts and Humanities (ranked 301-400th since 2020).

Rankings of the University of Turku:

  • 301–400 Clinical & Health (#4 in Finland)
  • 301–400 Life Sciences (#4 in Finland)
  • 501–600 Physical Sciences (#6 in Finland)
  • 151–175 Psychology (#1 in Finland)
  • 251–300 Computer Science (#4 in Finland)
  • 201–250 Social Sciences (#3 in Finland)
  • 301–400 Business and Economics (#7 in Finland)
  • 201–250 Education (#5 in Finland)
  • 301–400 Arts and Humanities (#6 in Finland)

Beyond the top 100 universities, THE World University Rankings by Subject 2022 does not assign individual ranks but places institutions in rank brackets instead.

Created 17.09.2021 | Updated 03.11.2021