University of Turku launched three-year strategic funding programme for new international degree programmes


The objective of the strategic funding programme is to develop the University’s multidisciplinary approach to education and to support the objective of increasing the number of international students.

With the three-year funding programme, the University will introduce new international Bachelor's degree programmes and international signature Master's degree programmes for the University's strategic research and education profiles. 

"In the crystallisation phase of our University's strategy, the development of new Bachelor's degree programmes is funded first, but at the same time funding is available for the development of Master's degree programmes that are based on existing Master's programmes. In this way, it will be possible to review our existing offering in more detail, and the faculties will have the opportunity to examine whether they offer content, scientific contributions and know-how that is suitable for future needs," says Piia Björn, Vice Rector in charge of Education and Educational Structures at the University of Turku.

"Supported by the broader reform work of the strategy of the University of Turku, during the three-year funding period we will be able to make new educational openings in our strategic research and education profiles for the first time. The strategic funding programme will also enable us to better meet the ambitious goal of doubling the number of our international students from the 2020 level by the year 2030, as stated in our International Programme," Vice President Björn says.

Support for the development of new programmes

The University of Turku supports faculties in developing new programmes. The programmes approved in the first application round for funding are expected to start in 2025. The programmes approved in the second application round, which will be organised later, are expected to start in 2026.

In terms of Bachelor's degree programmes, the goal is that the faculties develop internationally competitive degree programmes. When developing the new programmes, faculties are also encouraged to consider the transition from the Bachelor's degree programmes to the new Master's degree programmes of the University's strategic research and education profiles. The aim is to develop strongly research-based, multidisciplinary, attractive, and professional life-oriented programmes for each strategic profile.

"Cooperation between the faculties is now taking the limelight in a whole new way. In this way, we will also respond to the inspiring audit feedback we received on how our multidisciplinary approach should be further supported, especially in education, says Vice Rector Björn.

Created 08.09.2023 | Updated 08.09.2023