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Seminar on Early Modern Philosophy - Infinity and Beyond


11.6.2019 at 10.00 - 12.6.2019 at 15.00
Tuesday10-11 Sam Levey (Dartmouth) Leibniz on the infinite and infinitelysmall11-12 Jani Sinokki (UTU) Having it Both Ways - DescartesObjective Reality and Internalism vs. ExternalismLunch13-14 Vesa Halava (UTU mathematics) Gentzen14-15 Jeffrey McDonough (Harvard) Monads, space...

Neuroscience Sparks Discussion on Free Will


Neuroscience is increasing our knowledge of the functioning and structure of the human nervous system at a quickening pace, but at the same time it forces people to consider the motives of their actions and the limits of free will. At the University of Turku, challenges from neuroscience are met with a project combining philosophy, law and psychiatry.


The discipline of philosophy approaches the fundamental questions of societal activity, culture and special sciences from a critical standpoint. Philosophy plays a visible part in the research on institutional design and social mechanisms, one of the areas of strength of the University of Turku.