Arno Ylitalo Wins 3MT Competition – Represents University of Turku in Coimbra Group’s International Competition


Doctoral Researcher Arno Ylitalo from the Institute of Biomedicine won the Three Minute Thesis competition of the University of Turku. Ylitalo will represent the University of Turku in the international 3MT competition organised by the Coimbra Group for European universities.

Seven doctoral researchers from the University of Turku participated in the 3MT competition held in the OP lecture hall of Turku School Economics on 8 March 2023. In the competition, the doctoral researchers summarise their research as engagingly as possible in only three minutes.

In his winning presentation, Arne Ylitalo described his research where he seeks new treatments for leukaemia. According to Ylitalo, summarising a complex research subject in three minutes was difficult, but he came up with the idea to describe the topic through a patient case.

“I’m surprised that I won as all the presentations were so good. I wasn’t prepared for winning, but it is great to represent the University of Turku in Coimbra’s international competition,” said Ylitalo.

Doctoral Researcher Jinglu Chen from the PET Centre took the second place in the competition with her presentation “Brain mechanisms for human altruism”. The judges selected Doctoral Researcher Albert Bellmunt Gil from the Doctoral Programme in Clinical Research to represent the University in the international 3MT competition organised by the SANORD network. His presentation, which describes how game addiction shows in people’s brain, was also voted as the audience’s favourite.

The University's 3MT jury included Vice Rector Piia Björn, Director of the Centre for Language and Communication Studies Michael Nelson and Professor of Biodiversity Ilari Sääksjärvi.

The competition is organised jointly by the University of Turku Graduate School UTUGS, Research Career Unit, Centre for Language and Communication Studies, and University Communications.

Kilpailun seitsemän finalistia seisovat lavalla käsissään finalisti-diplomit.

The seven finalists of the 3MT competition were Ville V. Kokko (left), Jismi Maria John, Diana Lehotina, Anastasiia Kushnarova-Vakal, Arno Ylitalo, Albert Bellmunt Gil and Jinglu Chen.

Kilpailun kolme voittajaa lavalla, käsissään voittodiplomit.

The winners of the competition were Jinglu Chen (left), Arno Ylitalo and Albert Bellmunt Gil.

Watch Arno Ylitalo’s presentation

Watch Jinglu Chen’s presentation

Watch Albert Bellmunt Gil’s presentation

Created 09.03.2023 | Updated 09.03.2023