Three Minute Thesis Final of the University of Turku Organised on 9 March – Follow the Competition via Zoom


Seven doctoral candidates will be competing for the chance to represent the University of Turku in the Coimbra network’s joint 3MT competition.

The 3MT competition semifinal of the University of Turku was organised on 15 and 16 February 2022. In the semifinal, ten doctoral candidates from different disciplines gave inspiring, three-minute presentations on their research topics.

The jury of three selected seven competitors to the University’s 3MT final competition. The semifinal jury consisted of Professor Noora Kotaja (Institute of Biomedicine), University Teacher Kelly Raita (Centre for Language and Communication Studies), and University Teacher Rami Mähkä (School of History, Culture and Arts Studies).

– The semifinal was a great example of the broad spectrum of research conducted at the University of Turku. Wonderful to see such high-calibre, carefully-crafted, engaging 3MTs this year.  Our researchers successfully painted pictures with words as they delivered their beautiful research stories. We are looking forward to the finals, states the jury of the semifinal. 

The 3MT final competition will be organised on 9 March at 12.00–2.00pm, and it can be followed via Zoom:

The winner and runner-up as well as the favourite of the final competition audience will receive a grant for travel expenses. In addition, the winner will compete in the international 3MT competition organised to European universities by the Coimbra Group. The competition will also include selecting the representative of the University of Turku for the SANORD 3MT competition.

The finalists and their topics are: 

  • Mahdi Moghaddam (Doctoral Programme in Technology): Solid Boosted Flow Battery: a reliable approach to stop global warming
  • Cameron Wright (Doctoral Programme in Clinical Research): Predicting Prostate Cancer Treatment Response.... Using Artificial Intelligence
  • Zahra Jahanshah Rad (Doctoral Programme in Exact Sciences): Increasing working lifetime and efficiency of electronic and photovoltaic devices
  • Veera Niemi (Doctoral Programme of Social and Behavioural Sciences): Homelessness through the lens of systematic reviews
  • Umair Khan (Drug Research Doctoral Programme - DRDP): Future of Cancer Diagnostics
  • Kerttu Seppälä (Doctoral Programme in Clinical Research - DPCR): Opioid system in Fearful State
  • Anne Abio (Doctoral Programme in Clinical Research - DPCR): External causes of mortality in Seychelles.

The jury of the final competition consists of Vice Rector Piia Björn, Director of the Centre for Language and Communication Studies Mike Nelson, and Professor of Natural Compound Chemistry Juha-Pekka Salminen.

3MT, i.e. Three Minute Thesis, is an academic competition developed by the Queensland University in Australia. In the competition, doctoral candidates compete by presenting their research topic and its significance within three minutes.

Last year, the University’s competition was won by Doctoral Candidate of Internal Medicine Felix Vaura. He also represented the University in the international 3MT competition organised to European universities by the Coimbra Group.

The competition is carried out jointly by the University of Turku Graduate School UTUGS, Centre for Language and Communication Studies, and University Communications.

Created 24.02.2022 | Updated 08.03.2022