Record Number of Applications to University's International Master’s Degree Programmes


The application to the University’s international Master’s degree programmes was open on 7–20 January 2021. 13 Master's degree programmes were open for application and the University received a record number of applications, altogether 1,985.

The application period to the Master's degree programmes in English at the University of Turku ended on Wednesday, 20 January 2021. The applicants could apply to altogether three of the University’s degree programmes. In the 2021 application round, the University received 1,985 applications from 1,735 applicants. The 2020 application round also included Bachelor's degrees and therefore the total number of applications was slightly higher at 2,008 applications.

Similar to previous years, applications were received from over a hundred different countries. Most of the applicants, over 60 percent, were from outside the EU/EEA. Most applicants from outside the EU/EEA came from Bangladesh (179), Pakistan (177), India (99), China (88), Iran (82), Nigeria (75) and Nepal (53). There were 324 Finnish applicants, which formed most of the applications from within the EU/EEA.

The Global Innovation Management, Information and Communication Technology, and Biomedical Sciences were the most popular programmes this year as well and received altogether 941 applications. There were no new degree programmes open for application, but the Gender Studies programme that is open every second year has an intake this year.

In proportion to the number of programmes, the number of applications was record high: in the 2020 application round, the University had 15 open programmes whereas this year there were 13. The Primary Teacher Education degree programme, the Early Childhood Teacher Education Bachelor's degree programme, and the Law and Information Society Master’s degree programme do not have intake in 2021. In addition, the application numbers to the Information and Communication Technology Bachelor’s degree programme are not included here as the application to the programme is open later in spring.

According to the Head of Admission Services Mari Kähkönen, there are variables in the application round each year, which is why the number of applicants must be anticipated until the very end of the application period. Before this round, most concerns were related to how the pandemic affects the number of applications from abroad.  

– It is great to see that these exceptional circumstances have not slowed down the increase in the number of applicants. I hope that the new students can start their studies normally next autumn. As some of the students who were accepted last year moved the start of their studies to this year because of the pandemic, we will have an even stronger international atmosphere on campus in the coming academic year. We are looking forward to that!

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Created 22.01.2021 | Updated 22.01.2021