Frequently asked questions

On this page, you can find answers to the most common questions about the University of Turku. 

Questions are grouped according to topics ApplyingAdmission and Studying.

If you have any questions after reading these information pages, please don't hesitate to be in touch with the Admission Services team at

Admitted students

How do I confirm my study place?

Bachelor's and Master's degree students get the admission offers in April. After receiveing an admission offer, you need to

  1. Accept the study place at Studyinfo by the deadline given in your letter (if you receive a scholarship, the deadline is in April; if you do not receive a scholarship, the deadline is in July). Note that you may accept only one offer of admission to a study programme leading to a higher education degree in Finland in education that begins in the same academic term, and it is not possible to alter the confirmation once done at Studyinfo.
  2. If you applied with an incomplete degree, you need to send a proof of your graduation to the Admission Services by 12 August at 15:00. If you applied with your final degree documents, you can proceed to paying tuition fees.
  3. Pay the possible tuition fee by 31 July according to the instructions in your admission letter. If you do not need to pay tuition fees, you can proceed to registration. 
  4. After accepting the study place (and possible scholarship), you need to register with the University by paying the Student Union membership fee. Registration is possible from around mid-May (for newly admitted students, for students who have deferred their study place registration opens 1 June) and must be done by 31 August at the latest. You will receive an e-mail about this with instructions.

Remember also:

  • Pay the compulsory Student Health Care fee directly to Kela once per term (autumn term 30 September and spring term 31 January) either with Finnish online banking credentials or as a bank transfer.
  • Submit your original educational documents for verification according to the instructions by the deadline in May. Also remember to check the country-specific requirements, should they concern you.
Can I change my opinion about accepting the study place later?

Accepting the study place is done online at Studyinfo, and once done, it cannot be altered later. You can accept only one study place leading to a higher education degree in Finland per semester. If you have applied for several programmes/universities and get admitted to more than one, you have to choose which study place you accept. Read more about admission.

If you have accepted your study place and you change your mind, it is possible to forfeit your study right with a notification to the Study Registry located in Student Centre Disco.

Is there any chance to receive a scholarship after receiving the admission letter?

All applicants who have applied for the scholarship will receive information of the decisions in their admission offer. If the admitted student has been put on the waiting list for a scholarship, that information is also stated in the scholarship offer. No new scholarship decisions will be made after the admission offer have been sent in April.

It is possible to apply for a scholarship for outstanding performance for the second (or in Bachelor level studies, third) study year. The basic requirement for receiving this scholarship is 55cr with an average score of 3.0 or higher for the first year of studies. All students who have applied for the scholarship and fulfill this requirement will be awarded a scholarship for the next academic year.

Read more about the scholarships at UTU.

Is it possible to change my programme track after receiving the admission letter?

Regarding your specialisation track, please be in touch with your programme coordinator. The email address can be found in the admission offer letter (email). Please note, that if you are subject to tuition fee and you received a scholarship, the scholarship is tied to the original choice of track. If you switch your track, you forfeit your scholarship.

When do I have to present the original educational documents?

The deadline for providing the original documents is 31 May 2024. Read more information about providing the original documents.

If you have been admitted conditionally (you applied with an incomplete degree in January):

  • The proof of your graduation must reach University of Turku by 12 August 2024, at 15:00 (local time in Finland). The proof of graduation can be sent to us different ways depending on the country where the degree was completed. Read the country specific information here. If you were accepted conditionally, it’s written in your admission offer, which you received in April.

If you arrive to Turku before the deadline for providing the original documents, you can bring the original documents in person to the Student Centre Disco (on the University Hill). However, depending on the country, you might have to arrange your documents to be delivered directly to us in a specific way, so please read the instructions and country-specific requirements carefully.

If you have any problems with your documents, please be in touch with us:

What to do if I am having problems with getting my visa or residence permit in time?

We recommend starting the residence permit process immediately after receiving the admission letter. Please contact Migri, the Finnish Immigration Office, to get instructions.

We have gathered some information about the residence permit on the University's website, but unfortunately, the University has no power regarding the visas or residence permits and can’t influence the process.

Do EU students need to get a residence permit?

EU/EEA citizens do not need a residence permit to Finland.

For information about registration of the right of residence of a citizen of the European Union, see the Migri website.

What health insurance do I need?

Regarding questions about the health insurance and residence permit, please contact Migri. Find more info about the insurance requirements on the Migri website.

If you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you do not need to take out other insurance. By presenting the European Health Insurance Card, you can prove your right to necessary medical treatment in another EU or EEA country and in Switzerland. Your card must be valid for the duration of your stay in Finland.

Is the Student Healthcare Fee compulsory?

The health care fee is compulsory for most of the students and must be paid directly to Kela once per term (spring term 15 March and autumn term 15 November).

Students who have social security coverage from another EU/EEA country or from Switzerland or the United Kingdom do not have to pay the healthcare fee. Read more about how you should proceed if you have social security coverage in another EU/EAA country, Switzerland or the United Kingdom.

In 2024, the student healthcare fee in higher education is EUR 36.80 per term.

How do I ensure accommodation for myself for the autumn?

The housing situation in Turku is relatively good and student apartments are easy walking, cycling or a bus ride distance from the campus.

The University of Turku cannot, unfortunately, guarantee or arrange housing for students. Please apply for housing well in advance, observing the deadlines set by individual housing providers.

Read more about housing in Turku and living expenses in Finland.

When do I have to arrive in Turku at the latest?

The orientation is usually held at the end of August on campus. We recommend you to arrive in Turku well in advance to get settled in before the orientation and the studies start.

During the first weeks, your student tutor will help you with all the practicalities. Please note, that most of the housing providers lease the apartments for whole months, so it is likely that you have your accommodation available from the beginning of the month.

What will be the mode of teaching in the autumn: online or on campus?

The University of Turku does not offer distance learning (online) studies at the moment. Studying in the international degree programmes at the University of Turku requires being present in Turku/Rauma for the contact teaching conducted on campus.

If you wish to know whether your degree programme offers any studies that you can do online or remotely, please contact your degree programme coordinator directly and ask them. The contact details can be found in your admission offer letter or on your programme’s webpage: go to and click your programme’s name.

How are the academic terms and degree system at the University of Turku?

Please find more information on the academic year, grading and credits, and the degree system on our website. If you would like to know more about the contact hours vs. independent work, or anything else regarding the studies in your programme, we recommend you to be in touch with your programme and your student tutor(s).

What is Turku like as a student city? Are there any hobbies for students?

There are a lot of student activities and possible hobbies for students in Turku. You can read more on our website, and please visit also the Study in Turku website - a website of the city of Turku with more information on what this city has to offer for students!

You can also ask about the student life from your tutors or chat with our student ambassadors!

How are the living costs like in Turku?

We have collected some information on financial matters in Turku and average living expenses in Finland. In general, you should have minimum 600 €/month/person in your use. This amount covers only the most necessary costs and does not include leisure activities.

Can I have a part-time job along with my studies?

Many Finnish and international students work alongside their studies, mostly in the hospitality and cleaning industries. There are several job portals in Finland where you can search for jobs yourself.

However, you should not completely rely on finding a job and being able to finance your living that way. The University can’t offer part-time jobs for students, and unlike in many countries, job opportunities on campus are uncommon. Finding a job requires activity and initiative and many employers require their staff to know Finnish.

The UTU Career Services (Rekry) can help you to start your career in Finland after you have started your studies. On the career after studies website you can find information and resources to develop your career prospects already during studies.

Can I learn Finnish at the University? How about other languages?

In Finland, people speak very good English and you will have no problem doing your studies and living your everyday life purely in English. However, getting to know the local language can help you to know the people and the culture better. Some Finnish studies are included in every international degree programme as mandatory courses, and you can sign up for extra courses, too.

It is also possible to include other language courses in your degree. Regarding this, please be in touch with your student tutor and your programme and check the webpage of the Centre for Language and Communication Studies.



How can I apply to several Finnish universities and programmes in the same year?

Most Finnish universities have their international programmes in the national Joint Application in January. In the Joint Application you can apply to max. six (6) programmes. Of those six, max. three (3) can be programmes of the University of Turku. Please note that you can submit only one application – if you submit several, only the last one will be taken into consideration and all others will be deleted.

In addition, some universities may have their own separate applications at the same time with the Joint Application or at some other time. You can apply in the Joint Application + in separate application(s). You can also be offered several study places. However please note that you can only accept one study place beginning in the same semester. Accepting the study place is always binding.  Also note that the deadlines for accepting the study place, scholarship etc. can be different depending on the University and application.

Can I prove my English language skills with my previous degree?

Applicants are exempt from doing an English language test if they hold a Bachelor’s degree (or higher) or an equivalent degree in an English-language programme in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States or in an EU/EEA country. If your degree if from some other country, you unfortunately cannot prove your language skills with it.

Can I apply with my degree?

Please see the full admission requirements for each programme on You can reach the full admission requirements through a link on each programme’s own page on the University’s website. The admission requirements include the general eligibility requirements, as well as programme-specific admission requirements. The programme-specific requirements include information about, for example, if your previous degree should be from a specific field in order to be considered eligible.

The country-specific experts at our Admission office will check your eligibility (institutional accreditation and ECTS correspondence) during the application period in detail. Specific answers regarding an individual applicant’s eligibility will not be given outside the application process.

How can I apply for a scholarship?

Applying for a scholarship is simple: You just indicate “yes” to the appropriate question on your online application form for the programme. The scholarships are available for those who are subject to tuition fees. Please see more information.

Can I apply with an incomplete degree?

Yes, you can.  If you apply for a Master's degree programme, you must attach your most recent transcript of records in the application form during the application period. Your possible admittance is conditional until you submit proof of your graduation to University of Turku. The proof of graduation must reach University of Turku by 12 August 2024, at 15:00 (local time in Finland). Scans sent via email are accepted.

Can I start learning Finnish at the University of Turku?

If you have an active study right with us, yes. The University’s Centre for Language and Communication Studies provides language studies to the University community. There are also other possibilities to study Finnish as a part of your studies, these will be introduced during the international orientation every August.

Can I study medicine at the University of Turku?

Full degree programmes in Medicine/Dentistry at the undergraduate level are only available in Finnish at the University of Turku. You would need to speak Finnish fluently in order to apply. Note that Finnish universities do not offer any language preparation year options; you should be fluent in Finnish already when applying.

Can I transfer and finish my current degree studies at the University of Turku?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to transfer to the University of Turku from another institution abroad. The only way to become a degree student at UTU is to apply to our degree programmes from the start.

I missed the January deadline. Can I get admitted outside the application round?

No, that is not possible. There is only one application period per year and we can’t accept applications outside that application period.

Is there an application fee?

No, there is not.

Do I need to send certified documents during the application round?

No, you don’t. During the application period, we require only scans of the original documents, attached to the application form. You have to submit the application by 17 January (3 pm Finnish time) but you can add enclosures until 24 January (also 3 pm). Documents submitted according to the country-specific requirements are required only if you are admitted and accept the study place. In that case, you should submit them by the end of May.

Can I study in a Finnish-taught programme?

If you are fluent in Finnish you can. You need to prove your Finnish language skills with a certificate when you apply and take part in a written entrance exam in Finnish. You can find application instructions and information e.g. on language requirements here. Information only available in Finnish.

What is the application form like?

Please watch our video tutorial on how to fill in the application form here.

Studying at the University

Can I work alongside studies?

Yes, you can. Keep in mind that all our degree programmes require full-time studying, and you will not have time to simultaneously work full-time. Also, your residence permit might restrict the number of hours you can work per week. Please find more information on the Finnish Immigration Services website. Most students who work alongside their studies work in the hospitality, cleaning and service industries.

The University has a website dedicated to Financial Matters, which also includes some information on working alongside your studies.

Will the University offer me employment?

The University only occasionally has open vacancies that can be applied to by students. Open vacancies are announced through the University’s website and intranet, as well as through e-mail. Whether employment or internship, the student is responsible for searching for the position independently.

Can I come with my family?

Yes, you can. For more information, please check the Finnish Immigration Services website (sub-heading Living and financial resources > “Can I take my family with me to Finland?”).

I graduated a long time ago - can I still apply?

Yes, you can. There are no age limits and also those who have graduated a long time ago are welcome to apply.

How are the free time activities?

Turku as a student city provides various activities for you to do in your free time. Turku is surrounded by beautiful nature, you can take a walk by the Aura river, visit the University of Turku’s Botanical Garden, or have a barbeque with friends at Ruissalo beach. Join our various student and recreational organisations they host numerous events for students. CampusSport offers sports services for students including dancing classes, indoor cycling, running, combat sports, and many more. Enjoy many student discounts, immerse yourself in culture at the various theatre, concerts, museums, and libraries. Always check out the City of Turku's website to know what events are going on in town.

Does the University provide housing for students?

The University does not directly provide accommodation to its students. Students are responsible for seeking accommodation for themselves on time. However, in Turku, the Turku Student Village Foundation (TYS) provides affordable quality housing for students. It is easy to apply for housing with TYS by filling in the apartment application on their website.

For other housing options, please see the University’s website on housing.

Do I need a visa to come to Finland?

Yes, if you are not from an EU/EEA country. To be precise, you will need a residence permit (a visa is needed only if you plan to stay for less than 90 days in Finland). Please check the Finnish Immigration Service’s website.

What are the career prospects like with a degree from UTU?

Our graduates are able to find employment in Finland and abroad. The degree is globally recognized and respected. If you plan to settle in Finland, you should start learning Finnish early. There are opportunities for doctoral studies, and plenty of support for entrepreneurs.

Do you offer scholarships for living expenses?

At least for the admission rounds of 2023 and 2024, the University will award a few of its best applicants the Finland Scholarship, which includes a one-off relocation grant of 5 000 € paid to the student after starting their studies.

Do you offer Bachelor’s degree programmes?

Yes, but they are only taught in Finnish. At the moment we do not have any Bachelor’s degree programmes in English.

Can I do a PhD at the University of Turku?

Yes, you can. Please check the UTU Graduate School’s website.