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Research at the Department of Archaeology

Our research activities focus on the Iron Age and recorded history, and we conduct our research in Finland and the Baltic Sea region. Our department is also an active participant in research that focuses on the medieval era of the City of Turku. In addition, we are developing the use of methods that stem from the natural sciences in archaeological research. We also aim to integrate our students into our research projects.

Studying at the Department of Archaeology

Students of Archaeology find employment in different posts related to archaeology and cultural heritage. This education qualifies students for, among others, different tasks at the Finnish Heritage Agency, museums, Metsähallitus, universities, and private enterprises and organisations.

Department of Archaeology

Archaeology researches the past by focusing on the material traces left behind by human societies and communities. The discipline focuses on both the prehistoric and historical periods, and its methods include e.g. archaeological excavations and other types of field work. This research often combines different perspectives from the natural sciences and the humanities.