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Electronic resources and use of artificial intelligence tools


The European Commission has published guidelines on the responsible use of artificial intelligence in research. University of Turku policy on AI as part of the research encourages the use of AI applications in both research and related processes. Agreements for licensed resources acquired by the library have also gradually begun to include AI clauses, which impose their own restrictions on the use of AI tools. 

University of Turku leads new doctoral training project focused on green and digital transition with €7.4 million in EU funding


The University of Turku has received €3.3 million in EU funding for a doctoral training project that responds to the current need for experts by training 25 doctoral researchers from fields related to green and digital transition.

University of Turku and SiloGen launch consortium to build the world’s largest open LLM


The University of Turku and one of Europe’s largest private AI labs Silo AI, with its large language model (LLM) arm SiloGen, are today announcing a large-scale initiative on open and trustworthy LLMs. SiloGen launches a consortium together with TurkuNLP research group to develop a family of open LLMs, including the world’s largest open source LLM. The initiative aims to ensure European digital sovereignty and democratise access to LLMs. 

Researchers Developed an AI-Based Method to Replace Chemical Staining of Tissue


Researchers from the University of Eastern Finland, the University of Turku, and Tampere University have developed an artificial intelligence-based method for virtual staining of histopathological tissue samples as a part of the Nordic ABCAP consortium. Chemical staining has been the cornerstone of studying histopathology for more than a century and is widely applied in, for example, cancer diagnostics.