CERLI Seminars

Centre for Research on Learning and Instruction organises seminars open to all. For more information on the time and place of each seminar (or the remote link), please contact the seminar's person in charge (or other organisers).

Postgraduate seminars

Domain-specific learning and professional development

The seminar focuses on learning in a specific domain or topic, for instance, acquiring a specific skill. It may also involve vocational or professional learning either in the context of formal education or the workplace. The supervisors can provide support in the following methods, in particular: experimental research or field experimental research, network analysis, eye tracking, interaction analysis and discourse analyses.

Meetings in autumn term 2023:

The seminar meets in general once a month (Monday at 16:15-18:00). Currently the seminar meets in Zoom (link can be asked from the person in charge). The first meeting is on September 4th at 16.15-18.00.

Language: Finnish/English

Person in charge: Sara Routarinne
Other organisers: Tuire Palonen, Laura Helle, Marjaana Puurtinen, Juli-Anna Aerila

Higher Education

Themes of research in higher education pedagogy and higher education.

Doctoral seminars in autumn 2023:

At 13.15-15.30 (please prefer Edu, but also in zoom) + lunch at PikkuMaccia at 12:

  • THU 14.9.23
  • THU 5.10.23
  • THU 26.10.23
  • THU 9.11.23
  • THU 30.11.23 Christmas party

Meetings in Educarium in Edu357b, via Zoom at https://utu.zoom.us/j/68619377279

Please contact the organisers for more information.

Language: Finnish/English

Persons in charge: Mari Murtonen / Hanna Nori

Other organisers: Henna Vilppu, Tuike Iiskala

Craft, design, technology and arts education and school safety

The research topics focus on craft, design and technology and arts education in various kinds of maker spaces and on school safety. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the seminar is organised online. This will continue after the end of the pandemic. The information of the seminar is provided by the postgraduate student who is currently in turn for the ongoing academic year. The presentation opportunity and schedules will be agreed with the person in question, who will be Meri Pihanperä (memapi@utu.fi) in the academic year 2021-2022.

During the academic year (September-December and February-May), the seminar meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of each month from 6 pm to 8 pm. In January 2022 there's a meeting also on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Postgraduate students and students applying for the right to postgraduate studies are welcome to attend the seminar.

Language: finnish/english

Person in charge: Eila Lindfors
Other organisers: Jarmo Kinos, Päivi Granö, Inkeri Ruokonen

Seminars for the Mathematical Learning Research Group

Research and research methods on mathematical development and instruction (MA and PhD studies, research-related topics in the Mathematical Learning Research Group, guest talks by scholars).1 or 2 presentations and joint discussion in the seminar. Seminar is open for all who work with similar topics.

Seminar schedule, autumn 2022:

10.8. Plans for the seminar season
17.8. Jo Van Hoof: SFONO case study
24.8.  Coffee break
31.8. Heidi Harju PhD plans
7.9. Hilma Halme and Jo Van Hoof / Natural number bias paper
14.9. Phuong Bui: Revisions hopefully NNG promoting deliberate practice
21.9. Jake McMullen Academy grant plans
28.9. Katri Luomaniemi: Recommendations review (Finnish)
5.10. Sirje Pihlap: PhD Summary
12.10. Leuven Workshop (Erno, Jo,  Jake, Minna, Saku)
19.10. autumn holiday
26.10. Antti Koskinen: Dissertation summary
2.11. Hilma Halme: Longitudinal paper
9.11. Riikka Palkki: Case study
16.11. Saku Määttä and others: Kasvatustieteen päivät presentation practice
30.11. Minna Hannula-Sormunen, Tomi Kärki, et al. Matikkakeidas

The seminars are held online at 14:00-15:30. Please contact the person in charge to inquire the Zoom link.

Language: English

Person in charge: Minna Hannula-Sormunen
Other organisers: Jake McMullen, Erno Lehtinen

Teacher training

My doctoral students work extensively on the themes of learning and teaching - most do article dissertations. Dissertation supervision focuses extensively on the various stages of article dissertations.

Please contact the person in charge to inquire the meeting dates.

Person in charge: Mirjamaija Mikkilä-Erdmann

Learning, Well-being and Social interaction

Themes of the seminar:
- Social competence, loneliness and psychosocial well-being
- Adverse childhood experiences, parenting, mentalisation and child development
- Use of social and health care services
- Social in learning: Support for socio-emotionally and cognitively vulnerable children in the family and school contexts
- Interaction processes in collaborative learning
- Teaching through interaction: Developing teacher support and informal formative assessment of its effect
- Social, cultural, and pedagogical competence of early childhood education teachers
- Enhancing teacher-child interactions in early childhood education settings

More information (in Finnish): Monitieteinen jatkokoulutusseminaari Laituri

Please contact Niina Junttila (niina.junttila@utu.fi) if you would like to participate.

Language: Finnish (English if needed)

Person in charge: Niina Junttila
Other organisers: Miia Tuominen

Learning, learning environments, motivation, and well-being

The themes of the seminar are related to educational psychology, and to general education. The research covers age groups from primary education to adult education focusing on learning and teaching in various learning environments. The research topics cover, for instance, specific questions related to different subject domains, as well as research themes related to motivation and well-being.

Postgraduate students take turns presenting their own work, from data collection plans to the final stage of the dissertation. That is, if necessary, everyone brings their own work to others for comment and discussion at a different stage.

Please contact the person in charge to inquire the meeting dates.

Language: finnish/english

Person in charge: Marjaana Veermans

Other seminars

Collaborative writing workshop

You are warmly welcome to a collaborative writing workshop, which we hope many of you will join. In the workshop, you can work on your article manuscript, grant application, research plan, conference abstract/presentation, blog post or any other text. The idea is to provide an opportunity to focus on writing in a quiet atmosphere. The invitation is for all staff members (e.g. research and teaching staff, doctoral students).

The next workshop will be held in 2023. If you are interested in the collaborative writing workshop or you have ideas concerning the workshop, please contact Anssi Roiha or Tuike Iiskala (anssi.roiha@utu.fi or tuike.iiskala@utu.fi). Welcome!

Teaching and teacher education -reading circles

CERLI Teaching and teacher education -reading circles

The group Teaching and Teacher Education organises reading circles. To attend the events, please contact Mirva Heikkilä (mirva.heikkila@utu.fi).


Learning in interaction seminars

Learning in interaction seminars take place on Fridays at 9.00-10.30, usually every other week. About attending seminars, please contact Sara Routarinne (sara.routarinne@utu.fi) or Tuike Iiskala (tuike.iiskala@utu.fi). Welcome!

Turku EyeLabs seminars

Turku EyeLabs is a community of researchers applying eye-tracking in research on cognition and learning. The multidisciplinary community aims to support eye-tracking research by sharing know-how on designing experiments, use of different equipment, and applications of various types of analytical tools. Turku EyeLabs coordinators and researchers organize open-to-all meetings and method demonstrations. The content of each meeting is based on the needs of the community members – they may include presenting and discussing research plans, asking for method advice, rehearsing conference talks, or the like.

Language: english/ finnish (depending on the participants)

Persons in charge: Marjaana Puurtinen ja Johanna Kaakinen