InFLAMES Doctoral Module

The doctoral module of the InFLAMES Flagship (Innovation Ecosystem based on the Immune System) offers immunological and immunology-related education to the Doctoral Reseachers in the Flagship. On this website you can find information regarding the contents, completion and application process of the doctoral module.

Please note that many of the practicalities regarding the module are still being finalized and these sites are expected to be updated frequently.


InFLAMES Doctoral Module

The InFLAMES doctoral module is aimed for the Doctoral Researchers of InFLAMES-affiliated supervisor in the fields of immunology, immunology-based drug development and/or diagnostics. Doctoral Researchers of the Åbo Akademi University may also complete the doctoral module.

The InFLAMES doctoral module provides advanced education in immunology and immunology-related areas and aims to prepare the participants for both academic and business career paths. The size of the doctoral module is 15 ECTS credits. Doctoral Researchers accepted to the doctoral module are also eligible to apply for the InFLAMES Flagship allocated Doctoral Researcher positions. Successful Researchers are granted a diploma upon the completion of the module.

The doctoral module is a part of the Academy of Finland funded InFLAMES Flagship, organized by the University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University, Turku University Hospital, the City of Turku and the collaborating companies. The goal of the InFLAMES Flagship is to be an internationally recognized hub of immunological research and product development.

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Applying for the Doctoral Module

Doctoral Researchers of the FINDOS, DRDP, TuDMM, DPCR and DPT doctoral programs in the fields of immunology, immunology-based drug development and/or diagnostics whose supervisor belongs to the InFLAMES Flagship can apply for the doctoral module. A list of the InFLAMES PIs can be found at the InFLAMES website.

In order to apply for the doctoral module, please contact InFLAMES Research Coordinator Sampo Koivunen (sampo.koivunen[at]

InFLAMES-allocated Doctoral Researcher Positions

The InFLAMES Flagship has separately allocated Doctoral Researcher positions not specific to any predetermined doctoral programmes. Doctoral Researchers accepted to the InFLAMES doctoral module are eligible to be considered for these Doctoral Reseacher positions. The funded positions are applied in autumn together with the UTUGS funded positions. The InFLAMES-targeted funded Doctoral Researcher positions are distributed after the doctoral programme specific positions based on the evaluations obtained from the doctoral programmes.


The Study Structure of the Doctoral Module

The size of the doctoral module is 15 ECTS credits. The module consists of multiple submodules with variable depth. The students of the module are free to compile their preferred 15 ECTS credit selection of studies from the submodules.

The submodules include for example lecture courses, seminars, method studies, communication training, career guidance and education by the Flagship professors of practice. More details of the education offered by the InFLAMES doctoral module will be available on this page and the individual pages of the submodules.


The applicants selected for the InFLAMES-targeted funded Doctoral Researcher positions for the year 2022:

The Planned Submodules of the Doctoral Module


The Planned Submodules of the InFLAMES Categorically Organized

General Education (4 ECTS)
  • Career Guidance (1 ECTS)
  • IFDM1002-3001 Business, Innovation & Market Access - Pharma Market and Value of Medicines (1-2 ECTS) (info)
  • IFDM1001-3001 Presentation and Communication Skills – Essential Tools and Tips (1 ECTS) (info)
  • Publishing Education (1 ECTS)
Method Education (3-4 ECTS)
  • General lecture series (1 ECTS)
  • IFDM2004-3001 InFLAMES Flow Cytometry Lectures (info)
  • IFDM2002-3001 InFLAMES Flow Cytometry Practical Training (1 ECTS) (info)
  • Other laboratory demonstrations and practical training
    • Immunohistology
    • Imaging - hands-on
Seminar series (3-4 ECTS)
  • InFLAMES Flagship Seminars
  • Immunology Seminar Series
  • Prospects of Infections and Immunity
  • Frontiers of Science seminars
  • Seminar sSeries of Infections and Immunity
Study Courses (4 ECTS)
Annual Study Events (3 ECTS)
  • Annual Student Seminars
  • Annual InFLAMES Seminar
Journal Clubs (1 ECTS)
  • Journal clubs hosted by InFLAMES visiting professors and others

The Following Doctoral Programmes are the Participants of the InFLAMES Doctoral Module