Doctoral Programme in Clinical Research - Admission Criteria and Instructions for Applicants

The Doctoral Programme in Clinical Research (DPCR) promotes high quality clinical research and supports doctoral training in clinical medicine and other closely related research areas focusing on the etiology, diagnostics and treatment of diseases including the translational medicine and studies on health service systems. A basic degree in medical science is not compulsory but other degrees are acceptable too, if the research topic of the applicant relates to questions or methods relevant in clinical medicine.

> The application periods during the academic year 2022-2023

Application period in autumn is 29 August - 16 September 2022.

Application period in spring is 1 - 17 March 2023.

Call for applications

Instructions for application form

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Instructions for applicants:

How to apply

> How to Apply for Doctoral Training at the University of Turku


Period for applying starts on the first day informed in the call of applications at 00:00 and ends on the last day stated in the call of applications at 23:59:59 (time in Finland). Applications sent after the deadline will not be processed.

The application for the right to study for a doctoral degree and/or for funded Doctoral Researcher position consists of an electronic form and attached PDF files including all required material according to the instructions.

A link to electronic application form, the list of required attachments and the guide for filling in the form will be available during the application period, so please check this page before the next call opens.

Before applying

The doctoral researchers of DPCR pursue a doctoral degree either in the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Technology or Turku School of Economics.

Please read carefully the instructions of the faculty you are applying to well advance before the actual application period (below), since there are many things that need to be agreed on or arranged before applying (supervisors, research plan, postgraduate study plan, possible language test etc.).

Instructions for the applicants

Check-list for the applicant
  • Check the application period
  • Read the instructions of the faculty in question and the doctoral programme carefully!
  • If you are going to verify your language skills with a language test, make sure that you book your test time well in advance. It is the applicant’s responsibility to make his/her own language test arrangements
  • Get the required signatures in time and prepare the appendices
  • Fill in the electric application form
  • Remember to apply in time
  • Keep your original certificates at hand and prepare to acquire officially certified copies if needed!


Application documents

Application documents:

Please see the required attachments from the application call in question!

1. Research plan

When applied for the Turku School of Economics, the research plan should be maximum of 10 pages, for more instructions see Applying to Doctoral Studies at Turku School of Economics | University of Turku (

By attaching the research plan to the application form the applicant gives permission for checking the research plan with Turnitin Originality Check (system for electrical plagiarism detection).

2. CV of the applicant including the list of publications (e.g. Template for researcher's curriculum vitae)

3. CV from one supervisor (max 2 pages) and the list of publications 2019-2021

4. Signed supervision and study plan 

  • Faculty of Medicine supervision and study plan. Faculty of Medicine the head of subjects in doctoral training
  • NB! At least one of the supervisors should have access to UTU IT-systems (utu user account).
  • Faculty of Science supervision plan
  • Faculty of Technology supervision plan
  • Faculty of Social Sciences commitment by a supervisor (file or copy of email message by a professor or a researcher with a doctoral degree working at the University of Turku to confirm that she/he is willing to supervise applicant’s dissertation project)
  • Turku School of Economics supervision plan or a commitment letter by a supervisors.
  • When preparing a study plan, use study guide

5. Letter of support for the collaboration provided by the representative of the research organisation  / principal investigator, if the data is mainly collected outside the University of Turku or TYKS Expert Responsibility Area. 

6. Supervisor's comment on the funding, if the thesis work is a main job for the applicant (not required when applied for the Turku School of Economics).

7. Degree certificates and transcripts of study records, if needed: for additional information please see the section: Degree giving the eligibility    

  • NB! Please keep your original degree certificates and other relevant educational documents at hand during the application process.

8. Verification of language proficiency (if needed)

The University of Turku follows the Rector’s decision (15 Aug 2019) on the means of verifying one’s language proficiency. Please see language requirements on the webpage of the university’s graduate school and the instructions: Language proficiency

  • If the applicant is required to prove their language proficiency with a language test, a scanned certificate of a completed language test must be attached to the application

9. A justified application for the approval of a supervisor, when proposing only one supervisor. (Only when applied for to the Faculty of Medicine. In other Faculties two supervisors are required).

10. Letter of motivation, only when applied for the Turku School of Economics.
A one-page letter of motivation. In the letter, the applicants must state reasons why they are applying specifically to the University of Turku and to the chosen major subject. The applicants must also express the novelty value the intended research would bring to the scientific field. The letter must also include the applicant’s reflections on their professional aspirations.

When applying for the right to study for a doctoral degree at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Technology or Turku School of Economics, the required attachments may vary from the above-mentioned. Please check and follow the instructions of the faculty in question.

The applicant must deliver all required documents by the end of the application period. Any late submissions will not be processed.