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Research Project on the Development of Human Immune System in Early Life Obtains Multimillion Funding


The first few months and years of life are crucial to the development of the human immune system. This is an important phase as the immune system can define which diseases individuals might develop later in life. INITIALISE, a joint research project of ten universities, will study which environmental factors and mechanisms modify the human immune system in early life and whether targeted interventions could have a positive impact. The project obtained nearly seven million in funding from Horizon Europe. 

Immunology Centre Kick-off Seminar


21.11.2022 at 15.00 - 19.00
The Hospital District of Varsinais Suomi (VSSHP) has chosen the Turku Immunology Centre as a center of excellence. The Immunology Centre has also made it onto the research infrastructure roadmap of the University of Turku. The center was established at the end of 2021.Immunology Centre is a joint...

Nobel Laureate Sir Peter Ratcliffe: Researcher, Find Your Own Question


There are approximately 40 trillion cells in the human body and every one of them needs oxygen to survive. If the oxygen level drops, the cells must be able to sense the change and adapt to it. Sir Peter Ratcliffe discovered how this adaptation occurs. The discovery earned Ratcliffe and his associates the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2019. Ratcliffe visited the University of Turku 25 August.