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InFLAMES Corporate Corner maps routes from researcher to entrepreneur


How can a researcher become an entrepreneur, what does the journey require and why should more researchers aim to commercialise their invention? The Corporate Corner event of the InFLAMES Flagship shares stories of how science can become business, told by interesting speakers and companies. The theme for the next Corporate Corner is The Journey of Turning Science into Business, and it will be held on 6 October in Turku.

On the Mission to Unleash the Full Power of ICB in Cancer


Through immunotherapies utilising Immune Checkpoint Blockers (ICB), advanced solid cancers can today be treated with unprecedented efficacy. However, not all patients respond positively to these treatments. InFLAMES researcher, Docent Carlos Rogerio Figueiredo and his team are working to uncover the underlying causes of this resistance to ICB. They focus on patients suffering from malignant melanomas and lung cancers as main research models.