Finnish Doctoral Programme in Oral Sciences - for the Doctoral researchers

FINDOS-Turku doctoral researchers are privileged to participate in an excellent doctoral training program including basic and advanced research courses in oral science as well as extensive transferable skills courses offered by the doctoral program, FINDOS network and UTUGS. The goal is to achieve the doctoral degree from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Turku in four years net time. In addition to the supervisor, the progress of the doctoral researcher is supported by a carefully selected follow-up group and FINDOS.


The purpose of the FINDOS-Turku doctoral programme is to provide high quality and well structured doctoral training in the different fields of oral sciences. In addition, the programme is aimed at facilitating contacts between the doctoral researchers and research groups in the field of oral sciences. These networks bring depth and motivation to the PhD work.

Training and teaching in FINDOS are based on locally organized regular seminars and journal clubs complemented with joint annual symposia, summer schools and research training courses. The program invites both doctoral researchers and their supervisors to jointly participate in seminars, thematic symposia with international partners, laboratory-oriented methodology workshops, summer schools and journal clubs.

General instructions for doctoral studies

The University of Turku Graduate School UTUGS is responsible for the development of doctoral education and provides support for doctoral researchers during doctoral training.

General instructions for doctoral studies, information on postgraduate studies and the dissertation process

Welcome to the University of Turku

Postgraduate studies

Information on Postgraduate Studies at the Faculty of Medicine

Courses and seminars in Turku

Courses organized by the partners in the National FINDOS network

Applying for study credits

Attendance to postgraduate courses, scientific seminars, conferences etc. organized outside UTU can be accepted as part of your postgraduate studies with an electronic form which you can find in UGIS portal (if you have been granted the right to study for a doctoral degree after 1 January 2013).

 > UGIS portal > Links > Apply for study credit / Yksittäisen opintosuorituksen hyväksyntä

Follow-up committee meeting and annual progress report

The doctoral researcher should convene a follow-up committee meeting and report on the progress of the thesis work and doctoral training at least once a year. The follow-up committee will monitor the progress of the doctoral researcher’s PhD project until the dissertation.

In order to maintain an active study right, a doctoral researcher is required to enrol every year, either as an attending or a non-attending student. As an attending student, a doctoral researcher is required to hand in an annual progress report (electronic form) to their doctoral programme in January. In addition, the doctoral researcher's supervisor must express support for maintaining an active study right.

Additional information on the aims, members and meetings of the follow-up committee as well as on annual reporting is available under section 4.4 (Follow-up committee for doctoral training and annual reporting) of the Faculty of Medicine's Study guide for doctoral training 2022–2024.

The progress of the doctoral researchers in FINDOS is evaluated annually by the follow-up group (annual follow-up committee meeting) and by the FINDOS doctoral programme (annual progress report).

The progress of the thesis work and the result of the meeting should be stated in the annual progress report.

Dissertation process and graduation

Instructions for the dissertation process are available at the UGIS portal and the whole process is carried out in the portal. Further instructions at the Faculty of Medicine website.

FINDOS-Turku steering committee

The term of office: 1.8.2021-31.7.2025

Assistant Professor Ulvi Gürsoy (Chair of the board National FINDOS)

Professor Arzu Tezvergil-Mutluay (Deputy Director)
Professor Timo Närhi
Professor Hanna Thorén
Professor Klaus Elenius
Professor Pekka Vallittu (InFLAMES)
Professor Satu Lahti
Docent Vuokko Loimaranta
University Lecturer Jaana Willberg
Sini Riivari, Doctoral Researcher

Secretary, Coordinator Sanni Helander