Centre for Language and Communication Studies: Teachers

In Turku, teachers have their offices in Agora, Calonia and Turku School of Economics (TSE). By clicking on the teacher's name, you will find more information about the teacher, e.g. telephone number.

Most of the CeLCS teachers do not have fixed office hours, and students must make an appointment with the teacher by email. Those who teach at the TSE, however, have fixed office hours, which can be found here. Part-time teachers are only available just before and after their lessons.

  • The CeLCS contact information page is here

CeLCS Teachers in 2019 - 2020


Zhu Wenli, University Teacher, Agora, wenli.zhu@utu.fi


Full-time Teachers:

Ala-Kutsi Henna, University Teacher, Agora, healak@utu.fi

Bolster Averil, University Teacher, Agora, averil.bolster@utu.fi

Broholm Maria, University Teacher, Rauma, maria.broholm@utu.fi

Hintikka Marianna, University Teacher, Calonia, lamahin@utu.fi

Krizsán Anna, University Teacher, Calonia, anna.krizsan@utu.fi

Launonen Peter, University Teacher, TSE, peter.launonen@utu.fi

Lehmus Helinä, Lecturer, TSE, helina.lehmus@utu.fi

Lehto Marise, University Teacher, TSE, marise.h.lehto@utu.fi

Levrai Peter, University Teacher, Agora, peter.levrai@utu.fi

Lindholm Vilhelm, University Teacher, on leave of absence 2019 - 2020

Palmer Bridget, University Teacher, Agora, bmwpal@utu.fi

Palmer Jeremy, University Teacher, Agora, jerpal@utu.fi

Raita Kelly, University Teacher, Agora, kelly.raita@utu.fi

Shaw Peter, University Teacher, Pori, peter.shaw@utu.fi

Taanila-Hall Leena, University Teacher, TSE, leena.taanila-hall@utu.fi

Part-time Teachers:

Berry Michael, part-time teacher, TSE, michael.berry@utu.fi

Gallagher Patrick, part-time teacher, Agora and Rauma, patrick.gallagher@utu.fi

Rogers John, part-time teacher, Pori, john.rogers@utu.fi

Rose Judi, part-time teacher, Agora, judi.rose@utu.fi

Finnish as a Foreign Language

Full-time Teachers:

Hongisto Emilia, University Teacher, Agora, emkorp@utu.fi

Laine Jenni, University Teacher, Agora, jrenie@utu.fi

Paukku Päivi, University Teacher, Agora, paivi.paukku@utu.fi

Part-time Teachers:

Hannus Liisa, Part-time Teacher, liisa.hannus@utu.fi

Kaski Veera, Part-time Teacher, vetuka@utu.fi

Suuniitty Eveliina, Part-time Teacher (Staff Training), Agora, eveliina.a.suuniitty@utu.fi

Finnish Language and Business Communication

Full-time Teachers:

Koskimies Riitta, Lecturer, TSE, riitta.koskimies@utu.fi

Louramo Kaisa, University Teacher, TSE, kaisa.louramo@utu.fi

Virsu Ville, University Lecturer, TSE, vimivi@utu.fi

Part-time Teacher:

Suominen-Tontti Päivi, Part-time Teacher, TSE Pori, pasuom@utu.fi

Finnish Speech Communication

Hakkarainen Tuula, University Teacher, Agora, tuula.hakkarainen@utu.fi

Hoikkala Marianna, University Teacher, Agora and Rauma, marianna.hoikkala@utu.fi

Kouvonen Liisa, University Teacher, Agora, liisa.kouvonen@utu.fi

Sandberg Riikka, University Teacher, Agora, rtsand@utu.fi

Finnish Written Communication

Full-time Teachers:

Ahtola-Rajala Katariina, University Teacher, Agora, katariina.rajala@utu.fi

Antikainen Jaakko, University Teacher, Agora, jjanti@utu.fi

Hynönen Emmi, University Teacher, Agora, emkahy@utu.fi

Laivo-Laakso Katja, University Teacher, Agora, kaalaiv@utu.fi

Lampinen Arja, Lecturer, Agora, arja.lampinen@utu.fi

Part-time Teachers:

Hannus Liisa, Part-time Teacher, Agora, liisa.hannus@utu.fi

Rauma Janica, Part-time Teacher, Agora, jjmake@utu.fi

Suominen-Tontti Päivi, Part-time Teacher, Pori, pasuom@utu.fi


Boström Eeva, Lecturer, TSE, eeva.bostrom@utu.fi

Guérin Hannele, Lecturer, Agora, hangue@utu.fi

Jacquemot Sandra, University Teacher, Agora, sandra.jacquemot@utu.fi

Perennes Anna-Liisa, Lecturer, TSE, anna-liisa.perennes@utu.fi, free until 31 March 2021


Full-time Teachers:

Laiho Teija, Lecturer, TSE Pori, teija.laiho@utu.fi

Lamberg Ritva, Lecturer, TSE, riorla@utu.fi

Meyer Almut, Lecturer, Calonia, almut.meyer@utu.fi

Ruska Hanna, Lecturer, TSE, hanna.ruska@utu.fi

Schlabach Joachim, Lecturer, TSE, joachim.schlabach@utu.fi

Virtanen Alexandra, University Teacher, Agora, alevir@utu.fi

Part-time Teacher:

Nevala Hanna, Part-time Teacher, Agora, hlneva@utu.fi


Helle Akiko, Part-time Teacher, TSE, akihel@utu.fi


Full-time Teachers:

Lehtonen Valentina, University Teacher, TSE, valentina.lehtonen@utu.fi

Tjurin-Muranen Birgitta, Lecturer, Agora, birgitta.tjurin@utu.fi

Part-time Teacher:

Backlund Carina, Part-time Teacher, Agora, carina.backlund@utu.fi


Full-time Teachers

Lindgren Kristina, Lecturer, TSE, kristina.lindgren@utu.fi

Lindgren Olli-Pekka, University Teacher, TSE Pori, olpeli@utu.fi

Maillo Pegot Cristina, Lecturer, TSE, cristina.maillopegot@utu.fi

Salo Tiina-Leena, Lecturer, Agora, tilesa@utu.fi

Part-time Teacher:

Aaltonen Minna, Part-time Teacher, Agora, mlluos@utu.fi


Full-time Teachers:

Agge Minna, University Teacher, minna.m.agge@utu.fi

Alanen Maiju, Lecturer, TSE, maiju.alanen@utu.fi

Grönroos Laura, University Teacher, Agora, llgron@utu.fi

Karlsson-Fält Carola, Lecturer, Agora, carkar@utu.fi

Kuosa Anne-Maria, Lecturer, Calonia, anne-maria.kuosa@utu.fi

Lehtinen Outimaija, Lecturer, Agora and Rauma, outi.maija.lehtinen@utu.fi

Lindgren Olli-Pekka, University Teacher, TSE Pori, olpeli@utu.fi

Lindroos Kim, University Teacher, TSE, kim.lindroos@utu.fi

Mattila Päivi, University Teacher, Agora, paivma@utu.fi

Mustikkamaa Mirjami, University Teacher, Agora, mirjami.mustikkamaa@utu.fi

Numminen Nina, University Teacher, Agora, nina.numminen@utu.fi

Rajala Ida, University Teacher, Agora, ida.rajala@utu.fi

Sahlstein Annmari, Lecturer, Agora, annsah@utu.fi

Saloranta Hanna, University Teacher, Agora, hksalo@utu.fi

Åberg Anne-Maj, University Teacher, TSE, anne-maj.aberg@utu.fi

Sivutoiminen opettaja:

Kuovi Tiina, Part-time Teacher, Pori, tiina.kuovi@utu.fi

Mannfolk Marita, Part-time Teacher, Agora, marita.mannfolk@utu.fi