Law kuvitus opiskelu 165

Studying at the Faculty of Law

We aim to train highly educated, experienced and socially responsible legal experts. Our teaching is based on research and we encourage our students to become critical and independent thinkers.

Faculty of Law offers degree studies in English language in the Master´s Degree Programme Law and Information Society and Doctoral Programme in Law.

Non-degree students can study the numerous Turku Law School courses. Two universities in Turku have combined the selection of law courses together and organize a wide range of high-quality academic law courses in English. The Turku Law School courses are open to both exchange and visiting students as well as degree students of the cooperative institutions.

The studies are arranged in the newly renovated faculty building Calonia, where we have excellent teaching premises, library and many possibilities for students to study together.

Exchange studies


Administrative Law

Person in charge: Janne Salminen

Commercial Law

Commercial law comprises in reality several diversified branches of law, including intellectual property, competition, international trade, internet and company law – each with their own general doctrines of law and developments. The basic course on commercial law covers all these in a compact format of 7 ECTS (in Finnish). There are also specialization courses (12 ECTS) under commercial law taught in Finnish. In addition to the courses taught in Finnish, there are several courses under commercial law taught in English, especially intellectual property and internet law -related courses. The Faculty of Law also has an English language Law and Information Society (LIS) master progamme (duration two years). Many of the LIS-courses are open for foreign exchange students visiting the Faculty, as well as for the students studying the Finnish language master programme in law.

Person in charge: Tuomas Mylly

Constitutional Law

Person in charge: Veli-Pekka Viljanen

Criminal Law

Persons in charge: Tatu Hyttinen and Lauri Luoto

Enviromental Law

Person in charge: Anne Kumpula

European Law

European law focuses in particular on the law of the European Union.

Core areas for teaching include the structure, sources, and specific features of EU law, as well as the principles defining the relationship between EU law, international law, and the law of the Member States. The institutional structure of the EU, legal remedies, and the status of fundamental rights in the European integration processes are also given particular emphasis in the teaching. As for substantive law, the various aspects of internal market law feature heavily in the curriculum. 

Person in charge: Jukka Snell

Family and Inheritance Law
  • marital, family and inheritance law
  • child law
  • guardianship law
  • international family and inheritance law (incl. the basic doctrines of private international law
  • comparative family and inheritance law, especially comparative (marital) property law

Person in charge: Tuulikki Mikkola

Financial Law

Person in charge: Jaakko Ossa

International Law

Person in charge: Outi Korhonen


Person in charge: Raimo Siltala

Labour Law

Persons in charge: Seppo Koskinen (2018), Annika Rosin (2019)

Law of Obligations

Law of obligations covers a wide variety of private law transactions. Contracts, torts and rules relating to debt reside at its core.

The subject produces the basic course in the law of obligations, three specialization courses. In odd years, the Contract Law Theories and Practice course will be on the schedule, while Tort Law in Theory and Practice takes place during the even years. Contract, Commerce, and Production saw its first run in 2018, while the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Experience I has been on the schedule for years. The advanced studies in the law of obligations commence yearly in the fall term. The subject organizes a number of elective courses, among them the popular Enterprise Contracts in Practice (taught by practicing attorneys).

Person in charge: Mika Viljanen

Legal History

Person in charge: Mia Korpiola

Procedural Law

Person in charge: Tuomas Hupli

Property Law

Person in charge: Heikki Marjosola

Sociology of Law and Criminology

Person in charge: Anne Alvesalo-Kuusi