EC2U Makeathon


6.5.2024 klo 15.00 - 7.5.2024 klo 18.00
A Makeathon is an engaging and interactive event that brings together participants to collaboratively develop creative solutions within a designated time frame. The primary goal of our Makeathon is to highlight the innovative ability of both the European Alliance and the individual universities and cities involved, while also fostering the creation and implementation of ideas that contribute to a better future.

The EC2U Makeathon entitled « Re-invent the Future » is a 24-hours hybrid event that consists of seven local Makeathon events as well as one virtual European one. All events together constitute the EC2U Makeathon. The Makeathon nurtures the collaboration among local and European stakeholders who share the same mission: solving pressing societal challenge, driving progress and change.

The EC2U Makeathon combines creativity, education, exploration, and networking. The event welcomes students and citizens, cities, schools, and local companies, including a diverse range of skill sets and interests. The main event spans 24 hours and takes place at all EC2U cities simultaneously. It is accompanied by ideation, design thinking workshops, and networking sessions to get into the right mood. Participants can explore previously collected and ed challenges and choose to join one that aligns with their interests and skills. There will be local on-site teams and European virtual teams.

In the Makeathon, various roles contribute to the success and collaboration among participants at each location we need:

Participants: Students, pupils, citizens, employees, entrepreneurs, and others who actively engage in the Makeathon to solve a challenge creatively.

Challenge-givers: Organizations, companies, or individuals who propose specific challenges or problem statements for participants to address during the Makeathon. They define the problems, objectives, and requirements of the challenges, providing participants with a clear focus for their solution development.

Mentors and judges: Experts or professionals with specialized knowledge who provide guidance, feedback, and advice to participants, helping them refine their ideas and navigate challenges.

The Makeathon takes place on 6-7 May 2024 – within the official yearly Europe Week. All interested parties, participants and partners, are warmly invited to register here:

This activity is rooted in the “Research and Innovation for Cities and Citizens” (RI4C2) project of the EC2U Alliance, funded by the Horizon2020 programme of the European Union.
Maija Lepspinasse