Edwina Pio – a professor emerita of diversity from New Zealand , her presentation on Tuesday 24.10. at 14.00


24.10.2023 klo 14.00 - 15.00
Edwina Pio – a professor emerita of diversity from New Zealand – will visit Turku School of Economics between 23 and 26 October. Her areas of expertise are ethnicity, gender, migration, religion and their intersections, entrepreneurship and indigenous studies.

On Tuesday 24th October at 2 pm, Edwina Pio will give a talk on the topic: Time to say Je suis diversity: Re-storying our relatedness may mean replacing a master narrative with multiple narratives, each of them true in a particular context and within a given set of circumstances, dependent on religion, geography, culture, migration history and economic prowess. In a planet which is so diverse, perhaps the mantra that needs chanting is Je suis diversity. Diversity is always politically charged and is a complex weave of historical and socio-economic legacies. These weaves affect the practices of organisational and societal life.
The seminar will be organized at Turku School of Economics (classroom LS08).

It will be nice for Professor Pio to have people in the room but if you are not able to participate in person, you can also follow the seminar via zoom

The seminar is organized by the entrepreneurship unit and by HIWE research project – High-skilled internationals: bottom-up insights into policy innovation for work and entrepreneurship in Finland - (www.hiwe.fi)
Further details and meeting requests regarding Prof Emerita Edwina Pio from Ulla Hytti, ulla.hytti@utu.fi

Ulla Hytti