TRILA Guest lecture: Educational Opportunities and Challenges of AI-Generated Code (XXI or zoom)


15.2.2023 klo 15.00 - 16.00
Speaker: Brett A. Becker, School of Computer Science, University College Dublin, Ireland,.

Abstract: The introductory programming sequence has been the focus of much research in computing education. The recent advent of several viable and freely-available AI-driven code generation tools present several immediate opportunities and challenges in this domain. The community needs to act quickly in deciding what possible opportunities can and should be leveraged and how, while also working on overcoming otherwise mitigating the possible challenges. Assuming that the effectiveness and proliferation of these tools will continue to progress rapidly, without quick, deliberate, and concerted efforts, educators will lose advantage in helping shape what opportunities come to be, and what challenges will endure.

Event is an open event, and will take place in lecture Hall XXI or in zoom

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Organizer: Turku Research Institute for Learning Analytics (TRILA)