Carolina Islas Sedano profiilikuva
Islas Sedano
erikoistutkija, ohjelmistotekniikka
FiTech (Finnish Insitute of Technology), EATEL (European Association of Technology Enhance Learning), GALA - European Network of Excellence on Serious Games, EUSPA (EU Agency for the Space Programme)


Areas of research:
- User centered design methods including co-design and participatory design
- Informal learning
from a social constructive perspective.
- Context analysis: from the environmental
socio-cultural and personal viewpoint.
- Playful knowledge
include: game design
- Design thinking.
- Industry collaboration
- Creativity and innovation with and through technology in context.
- Multimedia integration.
- Sustainability


Carolina Islas Sedano is currently a University Teacher at the University of Turku. She holds a B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico city, M.Sc. in Communication and Media Engineering from Hochschule Offenburg in Germany and a PhD from the Educational Technologies Research Group at University of Eastern Finland.  

Carolina has  worked in industry (SIEMENS, INFINEON, USA-RTAC Mexico) and academia. She was the project manager of the UNESCO Chair in ICT Summer School with the topic Co-creating on-the-road ICT solutions to promote Sustainable Tourism in World Heritage Sites.  She coordinated the design and development of the hybrid game PASS in the H2020 project BODEGA, through her spinoff Ubium. Her startup Ubium was the finalist from My Galileo App competition with Umaze.

Islas Sedano has published over 30 international peer-reviewed research articles and offered lectures in different countries (e.g., Mexico, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Germany, Tanzania, South Africa).


Currently my main teaching responsability is to facilitate the coruse of Industrial Seminar in Future Technologies, and my contribution to other courses (e.g. UX) when it is meaningful and possible.

In this list  I sahre the courses I have taught:

  • Game design* (+10 times).
  • Game programing
  • Multimedia integration (workshops -  6 times)
  • Introduction to mobile learning
  • Technology Phenomena in Context
  • Industrial Seminar in Future Technologies  (since September 2019, this is a constant rolling course). Website of the course:

Contribution on the following courses: 

  • UX. My contribute with the following  topics of : introduction to co-design, Ideating, brainstorming, storyboarding, Cultural differences
  • Advanced course on software engineering. I contribute with the topic of co-design.

*Some of these courses were hybrid. The whole group had +70 participants, and part of the group was located in one campus while the other remained in another campus. Special emphasis was put on keeping all participants engaged in the course. 

** The course was designed for distance education 

All courses have been created by myself. The courses have been taught in different educational institutions.


My main interest is in creating meaningful digital tools through a collaborative process of knowledge exchange across different stakeholders. Tools that support and engage its audience to discover and learn in context.  Hence the topics I am passionate about include informal learning, playful knowledge, design thinking and technology innovation.  Special emphasis of her research is in the conceptualization, development, implementation of applications in context and their sustainability.