Matti Karinen profiilikuva
väitöskirjatutkija, yrittäjyys
M.Sc. (Econ)

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Matti Karinen is a Doctoral Candidate at the entrepreneurship unit working on sustainability and responsible business with his project "Pathways to Primary Sector Legitimacy”. Alongside his own project, Matti participates in research on entrepreneurial universities (Knowledge Governance) as well as the platform economy, new forms of work (SWIPE) and digitalisation (Digital Futures).

Prior to starting his doctorate Matti wrote his master’s thesis on primary sector MNE legitimacy and sustainability with a case company in West Africa. He completed his bachelor’s studies with a thesis on the determinants of competitive advantage in the mining industry. From London by birth, prior to his studies in Finland Matti lived in South East Asia for almost ten years. Matti joined the Entrepreneurship Unit and the Knowledge Governance project in March 2015 and became a PHD student in 2017 (UTUGS from 2018).