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My career in pharmaceutical industry spans almost three decades in international marketing, business development, finance, and the last 15 years as the CEO of Orion Corporation. Orion approaches pharma market both with generic products business for broad array of therapies, and innovative products focused on certain oncology and neurology related diseases. During my tenure at Orion, we were involved in corporate development actions, focused R&D and productions assets, invested substantial capital both in immaterial and material assets. We also were fortunate to hire and retain exceptionally qualified professionals who researched, developed, manufactured and commercialized the innovations of the company.

I am a board member, member of audit committee, member of the personnel and renumeration committee of Kemira Corporation which is listed in the main board of Helsinki, Nasdaq. Kemira’s business is safe, sustainable chemistries. Furthermore, I am the chairman of the board and the chair for human resources committee of Finnish Fair Corporation which, amongst others, runs Helsinki Convention Center. Lastly, I am a board member of the Finnish Foundation for Cardiovascular Research.

It is not easy to imagine more challenging and rewarding world than life science, where one successful innovation, based on years of hard work of talented scientists, successfully developed and commercialized can truly make a difference in many people's lives. I have been fortunate to involved in such processes, and continue to marvel commitment of all professionals in life science industry. One of the personal key motivations for me in the role of Professor of Practise is to learn from students, researchers and other professionals of the University, and also to share my experiences from the industry.