10 years in figures

10 selected figures from CCR’s 10 operating years:

  • 130 different companies as project partners (over 50 of them funding the project)
  • 36 Jufo articles published, 3 of them classified in Jufo3 level
  • 9 book sections published, 4 of them classified in Jufo3 level
  • 4 persons have completed doctoral dissertations while working in CCR
  • Joint projects with all 17 units in the School of Economics and with 4 other faculties in the University of Turku
  • Over 30 universities or research institutes as partners in the research projects, 10 of them outside Finland
  • Positive funding decisions with CCR contribution in total value of 10.8 million €
  • 60% of funding originating from Business Finland/Tekes,
  • 40% of the total funding allocated to other departments and faculties
  • During first ten years CCR has participated in 91 externally funded research or university-industry collaboration projects.

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