CCR Staff greetings for 10-year anniversary

Most interesting 10 years behind, thanks to many of you with whom we have had chance to collaborate in many interesting projects and initiatives!
Antti Saurama
Thanks and keep on rockin' for the free world!
Aki Koponen
Eeli 2
So many great memories, so many great friends! What an extraordinary group of high-class professionals beside us. Thank you all for the past years, because of you this Travelin’ band keeps on marching towards the next 10 years with great confidence and big smiles!
Eeli Saarinen
Annika Liikamaa & Edona Jetullahi
During our time in CCR we have had the opportunity to get to know the great minds of CCR and TSE. So far it has been an experience of continuous learning and we look forward to see what the future brings! Wishing you all the best!
Within the 10 years in CCR what has been maybe the most intriguing to see is the vast number of ways how the topics and expertise from TSE can be linked to society. Thank you all for participating in CCR's journey!
Jouni Saarni
Smooth sailing, rocky legs, sunny rides and stormy patches – thank you for your friendship and commitment through these first interesting years of our journey together. Onwards and upwards to all of us, let’s continue making a difference!
Milla Wiren
Nicolas Balcom Raleigh
True collaboration is a powerful engine of value creation and innovation. I am excited to see what happens next for CCR, TSE and UTU.
It’s always at least as much about the people as it is about anything else. Thanks to my brilliant friends and colleagues for the countless enlightening discussions and collaboration during the recent years.
Riina Hiltunen
Many thanks for engaging in fruitful discussions and altogether good collaboration. Hoping to see you soon!
Taina Eriksson
Thomas 2
A big THANK YOU to all our colleagues at TSE for 10 years of collaboration! Let’s continue doing great things together!
Thomas Westerholm