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Diagnostic, Prognostic, Therapeutic and Patient Stratification Tools for Cancers

Therapeutics for the most common & fatal type of brain cancer

  • The molecular mechanism of treatment resistance in glioblastoma now revealed as overexpression of PP2A inhibitor PME-1 (Kaur et al., Cancer Res, Epub 2016)
  • Efficient therapy is accomplished by combining the blocking of PME-1 and/or HDAC4 with chemotherapy
  • Significant evidence in a xenograft mouse model
  • WO2014009609A1, EP2872631B1; WO2014033367A1, EP2890986B1; WO2012175798A2, EP2723450B1, JP6001655B2, US9476050B2
Glioblastoma PME-1, HDAC4

Prognostic gene variants in aggressive prostate cancer

  • Genetic predisposition to aggressive PrCa in Caucasians now traced to two synergistic germline mutations (ms submitted)    
  • Dual carriers of the two gene variants have a high risk of developing clinically relevant prostate cancer (OR 23.4) and especially aggressive PrCa such as CRPC (OR 36.6).
  • Provides a new tool for patient stratification and for improved personalized care with more informed therapeutic actions
  • WO2017203100A1
Prostate Cancer Gene variants
Prostate Cancer
Gene variants


Immunostimulatory glycocluster compounds for immunotherapy of cancers

  • Used in monotherapy or as adjuvants to stimulate immune response towards malignant cells
  • Significantly suppressed thegrowth of melanoma in a xenograft mouse model
  • WO2012175813A1; WO2017109288A1; WO2017207542A1
Melanoma Immuno-oncologic treatment
Immuno-oncologic treatment


Prognostic expression markers for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)

  • Two new biomarkers:
    • A novel oncogene variant predicting poor survival in AML (HR 1.51)
    • A cell signaling protein predicting relapse after chemotherapy (HR 3.7)
  • Facilitate stratification of patients with poorest prognosis for the most efficient therapies
  • Independent of current risk grouping – provide significant added value for personalized therapy
  • Priority patent application FI20176032 (public 05/2019)
Solid cancers Prognostics &  Therapy
Solid cancers
Prognostics & Therapy


Novel immuno‐oncological approach

Efficient elimination of the tumor cell-derived immunosuppressant adenosine

  • Invention directly combinable with therapeutic antibodies (e.g. anti-CD73 / anti-CD39) 
  • Targets aggressive cancers such as melanoma
  • Efficacy studies in mouse cancer models (ongoing)
  • Priority patent application public 07/2019
Acute Myeloid Leukemia  Personalized treatment
Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Personalized treatment


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