Year of the positive results!


CCR year of 2023 was packed with impactful activities, new records and flourishing collaboration.

Summing up the past, CCR is pleased to conclude some of our highlights from the year 2023. CCR staff delivered a total of 26 publications during the year including top peer-reviewed research articles but also book chapters and analyses targeted for wider societal audience. Based on the Turku School of Economics’ (TSE) scientific scoring system, CCR was able to increase the total scientific output by +35%, including measures like number of citations and publications.

During the year 2023, CCR contributed to 28 research and development projects, the majority being collaborative by nature with other TSE or University of Turku (UTU) researchers, researchers from other universities and numerous companies. Indeed, CCR collaborated during the year with a total of 76 companies ranging from stock-listed MNEs to start-ups. As one example, CCR co-created a new event series with Amazon Web Services (AWS) on generative AI and data-driven, sustainable business.

Our collaboration extended with UTU strategic partners city of Turku, Bayer, Meyer and Wärtsilä. During 2023, CCR analysed the need and prepared the cornerstones for TSE corporate partnerships program, ramping it up during 2024. CCR also proposed two new EU partnership programs, a key implementation tool of Horizon Europe, for UTU, and in both UTU was elected as member early 2024 (see and

We also succeeded well in new project financing. CCR, together with many internal and external partners, raised a record of 2.15M€ new research financing for the TSE from R&D funding organisations like Academy of Finland, Business Finland and foundations, as well as other funders like companies and municipalities. As one example, CCR received a grant from the Finnish Work Environment Fund to study perceptions and change processes of academic working spaces from the perspectives of work productivity, well-being and process interaction.

CCR's recently developed digital learning platform, NWoW, aimed at building a sustainable mindset, was first piloted in a nationwide business study program. After three pilot courses with excellent results, it has now been extended to several new undergraduate and graduate courses, covering all TSE students in the Turku and Pori units, as well as to an executive education program on leading sustainable business. The pilot in a major pharmaceutical company was recognized as one of their top initiatives of the year.

CCR is now a group of 19 motivated, forward-looking and influential academic experts. We are inspired to make impact!

Wishing you a positive and impactful ongoing year 2024 :)

CCR staff

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