Experts on Sustainable Development and Responsibility at the Turku School of Economics

This web page has a list of our experts who are ready to tell about their research on sustainable development and responsibility.

Professor Aino Halinen-Kaila
Areas of expertise: market shaping for sustainability, antibiotic resistance and meat production

Professor Heli Marjanen
Areas of expertise: consumer behaviour, retail geography, store location research, place management

Research Manager Milla Unkila
Areas of expertise: Disruptions, the societal implications of digitalization, the interfaces between human and machine work, ethics of decision-making

Project Researcher, Doctoral Student Katariina Kiviluoto
Areas of expertise: sustainable transport, sustainable urban design, sustainability revolution

Research Manager, Doctoral Student Noora Vähäkari
Areas of expertise: sustainability transitions, human-nature relationship, socio-cultural implications of sustainability, futures literacy

Senior Advisor Burkhard Auffermann
Areas of expertise: political analysis, development, futures studies, energy issues, security, international relations

Senior Advisor Jyrki Luukkanen
Areas of expertise: energy, sustainable development, environmental policy, developing countries, modelling

Head of Development Mika Korkeakoski
Areas of expertise: sustainable development, environment, renewable energy, climate change

Research Manager Ira Ahokas
Areas of expertise: sustainable transport, sustainable food system, urban sustainability, social sustainability

Doctoral Student Riikka Armanto
Areas of expertise: climate-wise agriculture, proactive creation of sustainable futures, agriculture, climate change, adaptation, mitigation, agency

Doctoral Student Mira Valkjärvi
Areas of expertise: circular economy: strategies, motivation and ideologies of circular economy, service and sharing platforms, entrepreneurs in circular economy

Professor Jaana Tähtinen
Areas of expertise: responsible marketing

University Research Fellow Kai Kimppa
Areas of expertise: ethics of IT and information systems

Doctoral Student of International Business Isabel Galvis
Areas of expertise: social entrepreneurship, social enterprises, hybrid organisations

Doctoral Student Matti William Karinen
Areas of expertise: sustainable palm oil, legitimacy, entrepreneurship, governance

Senior Research Fellow, Docent, Coordinator of Sustainable Development Studies Sari Puustinen
Areas of expertise: sustainable development, sustainability studies, community planning, urban planning, multidisciplinarity, interdisciplinarity

Doctoral Student Juho Vaiste
Areas of expertise: ethics of artificial intelligence, responsible and trustworthy technology, business ethics, ethics of information technology

Postdoctoral Researcher Katariina Koistinen
Areas of expertise: sustainability transition, sustainability transformation, agency

University Lecturer, Docent Katriina Siivonen
Areas of expertise: cultural sustainability, cultural transition to sustainability, heritage futures 

Doctoral Student Mariia Syväri
Areas of expertise: sustainable entrepreneurship, hybrid organisations, sustainable business models

Professor Satu Teerikangas
Areas of expertise: sustainability agency, change agency, change agents, managing change, johtajuus, mergers and acquisitions, circular economy catalysts

Professor Hannu Schadewitz
Areas of expertise: corporate responsibility, responsibility reporting

Postdoctoral Researcher Ayu Pratiwi
Areas of expertise: sustainable technology adoption, social networks, development economics

Doctoral Candidate Mohamed Farhoud
Areas of expertise: social entrepreneurship, poverty, Bottom of the pyramid, social economy

Professor Reijo Knuutinen
Areas of expertise: taxation and corporate social responsibility, taxation and responsible investments

Postdoctoral Researcher Sini Laari
Areas of expertise: sustainable supply chain management, sustainability in networks, sustainable performance, survey research

Postdoctoral Researcher, Docent Juulia Räikkönen
Areas of expertise: tourism and leisure, biodiversity, consumption, tourism management, environmental education, nature tourism, science tourism

Professori, dekaani Markus Granlund
Areas of expertise: responsible management, economy and biodiversity loss

Professor Ulla Hytti
Areas of expertise: critical entrepreneurship education research 

Senior Research Fellow Pekka Stenholm
Areas of expertise: societal entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial thinking

Professor Mika Vaihekoski
Areas of expertise: Sustainable Finance, ESG

Professor of Practice Maija-Riitta Ollila
Areas of expertise: global business ethics, ethics of management, ethics of media, ethics of artificial intelligence, ethics of biotechnology

Professor of Practice Riku Santala
Areas of expertise: responsible management

Director of Finland Futures Research Centre Juha Kaskinen
Areas of expertise: sustainable development, circular economy, environment policy

University Lecturer Essi Saru
Areas of expertise: responsibility of human resource management, interconnection between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and human resources management (HRM), responsible human resource policies

Project Researcher Mikkel Stein Knudsen
Areas of expertise: twin transition, futures of green and digital transformations of industry

Researcher Minna Santaoja
Areas of expertise: nature preservation policy, data management, participation, sociological and humanistic environmental research and animal studies, futures studies

Doctoral Student Marianna Birmoser Ferreira-Aulu
Areas of expertise: Futures Studies, Strategic Roadmapping, Scenario building, Social Sciences, Intercultural Communication, Interdisciplinary Studies, Sustainable Development, Sustainability transformations, Amazonia, Belo Monte, Brazil